Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

Happy New Year to all our readers.

Since this is the day for resolutions, turning over a new leaf, or at least making changes, it seemed like a good time to do the same. Resolutions, I should, but I won’t. But changes, I can give you, although nothing earth shattering.

Picking up the Pace

Some readers and many authors have wished in the past that we could publish more than the four or five reviews a week we’ve averaged over the last two years. Starting tomorrow, we’re going to attempt to have either a review or a guest post six or seven days a week. Hopefully we can keep up the pace. Cheer us on. For readers whose Kindles are full, I’m sorry. I guess you’ll have to start reading faster.


For roughly six months we were doing weekly author interviews. This feature was popular among our readers, but for a number of reasons, we discontinued them. However, last summer BigAl took over administration of another website called The Indie View. This site has content aimed at readers, authors, and reviewers. One of the main features are frequent interviews of Indie authors, both self-published and those publishing through small presses, as well as interviews with other book bloggers. I’d encourage those who enjoy author interviews to visit the site where you can follow it on twitter and like it on Facebook. I’ll also be tweeting and sharing links for new and old interviews from The Indie View through the Books and Pals twitter account and on its Facebook page.

Free, Free, Free

As a service to both readers and authors, we’re going to try a new feature each Thursday, listing a selection of books free that day on Amazon. We’ll be doing the same on Mondays at our sister site, The Indie View. This feature will be starting next Monday, January 7, if there is enough interest. Authors with a free book on either on those days should visit the new Author’s FAQ page for details.

Don’t Forget to Follow and Like Us

The best way to be aware of all our posts is to subscribe via email or to our RSS feed through your favorite RSS reader. However, those who use Facebook or twitter should consider also liking our page on Facebook and following us on twitter for content shared through social media that isn’t a blog post.

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