Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sorceress’ Blood / Carl Purcell

Reviewed by: Brandon

Genre: Fantasy

Approximate word count:  45–50,000 words

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“Carl Purcell was born in and still lives in Australia. He started writing at an early age and has aspired his whole life to be either an author or Jackie Chan. Because the job of Jackie Chan is already taken, Carl eventually decided to become an author.

Carl’s first publication was as the co-writer of the comic series Winter City, which began in early 2012 and has been met with critical acclaim. Sorceress’ Blood is his second release and is the result of years of practice, hard work and learning everything the hard way.

Carl is an active member of the website deviantArt. He also keeps a blog on the topic of writing and being a writer. Carl loves to hear from people who have been reading his work.”

You can contact Carl or find out more about him at these places:


“Rebecca Williams leaves a disastrous job interview thinking her life couldn't possibly get any worse. Then a close encounter with disaster, drags Rebecca and a quiet, mysterious young girl into the secret world of powerful sorcery, a dangerous cult and the knightly Order of The Witch-Hunter. Unable to trust or depend on anybody else, Rebecca and the girl must fight to stay alive and keep one step ahead of the obsessed, crazed cult of Thralls that would resurrect their ancient, power hungry queen. All they need is a single drop of the Sorceress' blood.

Sorceress' Blood is a contemporary fantasy, adventure novel from the co-writer of the critically acclaimed comic book series "Winter City". It's an action packed story about responsibility, duty and trust that takes the reader on a journey with the heroine from suburban Australia across the globe to China and Scotland”


I really enjoyed the dynamic in which the book took place. I didn’t find myself having to force myself to finish a chapter and did not have many points where I was overly confused about what was going on. I do wish it would have delved into the Knights training more, but all in all I felt a connection with the characters and felt as though the peril was real.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues

Rating: **** Four Stars

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