Sunday, February 1, 2015

This is How You Disappear / Allen Miles

Reviewed by: Keith Nixon

Genre: Short Story Collection

Approximate word count: 95-90,000 words

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Allen Miles lives in East Yorkshire with his family. He spends his time watching films and listening to music. He has written a number of articles and had short stories published.


A series of eleven dark short stories.


If the subject matter of these stories is anything to go by then the author lives in a constant state of angst at the world and himself. He also seems not to be a fan of people in the way he treats his characters.

If you are a fan of character led, dark (gloomy, really), highly descriptive narrative, then this is the collection for you. If you prefer plenty of action and events to drive the story, then it’s not. It’s seedy, moody and, at times, challenging to read, very much like Allen’s previously reviewed novel 18 Days. Don’t expect sweetness and light, in fact just the opposite.

It’s well written with plenty of attention to detail when it comes to people and their motivations.


British terms and descriptions.

Format/Typo Issues:


Rating: **** Four Stars

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