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Review: Instant Wisdom: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast by Beth Burgess

Genre: Self Help


“This book will make you smarter, more capable and more creative, super-fast - whatever your IQ.

Have you ever had a problem at home, work or in a relationship that you just couldn't figure out how to solve? Have you felt stuck and frustrated because you can't come up with a good solution? Maybe it's a problem that's been niggling at you for ages, draining your energy and making you unhappy. Or maybe it's an ambition or project which you can't seem to complete or achieve, no matter how hard you try – but it would make such a difference to your life if only you could.

Have you wasted precious time or money on ineffective solutions? Has the issue caused you stress or hung a cloud over your life? Has your potential suffered because you can't see how to achieve your goals?

How much better would your life be if you were able to overcome your obstacles super-fast? If you could have instant epiphanies rather than wasting your time spinning your wheels? Wouldn't you feel lighter and freer knowing that you can solve issues in a snap? Wouldn't life be easier and more enjoyable when you can simply eradicate problems and get on with your goals?

Blending science, psychology and philosophy, INSTANT WISDOM: 10 Easy Ways to Get Smart Fast will teach you tools, tweaks and techniques that will make you smarter in mere minutes or seconds, boosting your creativity and expanding your mental horizons.”


“Beth Burgess is an award-winning, best-selling author, therapist, coach, freelance writer, and founder of several specialist services…

After making a complete mess of the first part of her life, Beth set out on a journey to gain insight, so she could become a wiser, better, happier person.

By studying and exploring science, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, and sociology, Beth has been able to formulate new ways of thinking, develop her own insights, and transform her life.

Beth wanted to share the wisdom she has learned, so she set up, a resource to help people use wisdom to improve their lives.”


I just glanced at the dictionary for a definition of wisdom and what I found talks about three things. Smarts, the stuff you know comes first. Experience, what I’d call the stuff you’ve learned from doing. Last is good judgement, which might be looked at as having a good sense of how to combine the first two in coming to a conclusion on how to proceed when faced with the need for a decision.

Instant Wisdom addresses all three pieces of this to some degree, outlining different techniques or approaches to help improve your decision-making skills to become more wise. One statement near the start of the book jumped out at me when the author talked about how “acknowledging your own ignorance can pave the way to greater wisdom.” Those who think they know it all have been shown to vastly overestimate their knowledge. (Research the “Dunning-Krueger Effect if you’re interested in details.) Those who take the author’s advice and assume they don’t know as much as they’d like to are more likely to not only actually know more when decision time comes, but also are more likely to do adequate research in coming to a decision and increase their knowledge in the process.

Do the author’s ideas work? I suspect this will vary from person to person, but I’m going to vote yes. Some of the ideas are things I’d already discovered and use, so those definitely work for me. The others seem logically sound, it’s just a matter of putting them into practice.

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