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Review: Just You by Cait London

Genre: Contemporary Romance


“Kenna Peck doesn’t trust her ex-husband now, though part of her aches for Hugh Donovan, for what might have been….

To leave the past, she heads for a new life, traveling cross-country in her RV with her friends, Olivia and Crystal, to the small town of Fresh Start.

And who walks into Kenna’s new life, her Fresh Start, demanding answers and stirring her with passion, but Hugh…”


“USA Today Best Seller/NY Times Author Cait London's book list includes romantic suspense, paranormal, contemporary, humor, western historical, and women's fiction. Always busy, she travels and loves any distraction. Her small town Northwest upbringing is relived in her stories, also her life experiences as the mother of 3 daughters and as an artist.”

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Hugh Donovan and Kenna have several years of history and neither one of them really knows the other. The book begins with Hugh’s point of view. He wants answers he never got from Kenna about what went wrong with their relationship. He feels like he’s given Kenna enough time for her to recover from her traumas. He’s tried to live up to her expectations to give her whatever she wanted, even the divorce she asked for out of the blue.

Now Kenna and her two friends have all bought camper type vehicles and they are going to take their little caravan cross-country, from New York to Washington State. The small town of Fresh Start is calling to Kenna. After swimming around in Hugh’s head we join Kenna towards the end of her trek across the country and are introduced to her two friends, Olivia and Crystal, who are looking for a fresh start themselves. Kenna seems dead set on forgetting about everything she left behind in New York, including Hugh and her buttinski family. You know how those best-laid plans go, right? Yeah!

Just You is a decent story and I loved the way the plot moved along, and the sexual tension between Hugh and Kenna. What didn’t set well with me was all the repetition of what happened between Hugh and Kenna. It was more than just hearing the story from their different perspectives. I’m not sure if the author was trying to reinforce their views or was afraid the reader might be forgetful and she wanted to reinforce the sexual tension. It felt like the story didn’t really start moving forward until about 40%, I was about to give up on it.

I wanted to slap some sense into Kenna several times. Hugh and Kenna’s problem was they didn’t communicate on the level they needed to. So much heartache and pain for both of them, all because of their pride. I also feel like the ending came too easily for Kenna, Olivia must have had a heart to heart talk with her that we weren’t privy to? Bottom line, I don’t think I was the right reader for this book.  However, like I said earlier, there is a good story here. If you can hang on, you’ll find it.

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Just You is book 1 in Ms. London’s, FRESH START series. Clean and wholesome.
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