Friday, March 3, 2023

Review: Murder So Sweet by Dave Vizard

Genre: Crime Fiction


“When bodies start to turn up on the rich farmlands of Michigan’s Thumb region, news reporter Nick Steele jumps on the trail of a serial killing family from Bay City. The victims, who come from cities across mid-Michigan, share one thing in common. As the reporter closes in on the murderous family, the cold-blooded killers are stopped in their tracks by the unlikeliest of smoking gun. Follow Nick Steele as he unravels the details of a murder wrapped in a murder mystery in this fast-paced novel you won’t want to put down.”


“Dave Vizard is a former award winning newspaper and magazine writer and editor. He has taught journalism and writing at the college level. Each of his murder mysteries is rooted in Michigan and revolves around the exploits of news reporter Nick Steele.”

Vizard and his wife live in Michigan’s Thumb region where his book take place.


This is the second Nick Steele book I’ve read. My first (the fifth of Vizard’s books featuring Nick Steele) took place in Key West, Florida, so this is my first time reading one that is happening in Steele’s home territory. The rural area in what they call the “thumb” of Michigan and the culture of that area figure into this story and make it distinct from a lot of crime fiction or murder mysteries you might read. Actually, the normal “mystery” in a book like this, the whodunit part, is something the reader knows fairly early on in this book. But that doesn’t mean the tension is over, both because we don’t know if the authorities are going to figure who is committing the murders, on some level for part of the book the reader might have ambiguous feelings as to whether they even want the murderer caught.

All of this makes for an interesting read that keeps the reader engaged throughout. Just to keep things interesting, a teaser at the end might have you wishing for the next book in the series to come quickly.


Although this author has several books featuring reporter Nick Steele, each book stands alone. Reading the prior books isn’t necessary in order to understand what is going on in the current story.

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Format/Typo Issues:

My review is based on a pre-publication copy and may not be reflective of the final product, so I didn’t evaluate in this area.

Rating: **** Four Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 50-55,000 words

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