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Review: Fall from Grace by Beth Orsoff

 Genre: Women’s Fiction


“No one ever thinks the unthinkable will happen.

When Grace Hughes’ family was murdered outside their suburban home the police told her it was a tragic accident. Just another madman with a gun. Happens every day in America. One year later and still overwhelmed by grief, Grace struggles to make sense of her shattered world and finds herself spiraling into a dark place.

Then Grace meets two abandoned children in desperate need of help and she discovers a newfound sense of purpose. But as she starts to heal, secrets about her husband’s past unfold. Grace begins to wonder, were her family’s deaths really a tragic accident or something more sinister?

Fall From Grace is a life-affirming, emotionally charged novel that will have you rooting for the heroine through every unexpected twist and turn.”


When Beth’s parents told her they didn’t send her to college to be a professional lifeguard, she moved to California and enrolled in USC Law School to become an entertainment lawyer. She also became a regular attendee of the UCLA Extension Writers Program workshops. She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

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I guess calling this women’s fiction makes sense. Wikipedia defines the genre as being “an umbrella term for women-centered books that focus on women's life experience that are marketed to female readers” and this book definitely fits that description. However, I think the label probably makes some men shy away and by doing so, they’re missing out. One of the things I love about reading is giving the reader a chance to imagine themselves in someone else’s shoes, experiencing that fictional person’s life. That can be a long way from the reader’s real life, maybe in the future or in a different world imagined by a fantasy author, or maybe just imagining yourself in the place of Grace, the protagonist of this story, who could easily be much like the lady down the block or maybe from the other side of town. My point is that woman’s fiction has stories that I think a guy could relate to on some level and I’ve enjoyed reading women’s fiction for a lot more years than I’ve realized that was what it was called.

Regardless of your gender, I’m sure you’ll be happy not to be in Grace’s place. Sure, she’s in a good position in some ways. Money doesn’t seem to be a problem and you’ll see why. It isn’t only because she is an attorney. The problem is that when the book starts, she’s in a hospital due to a mental health crisis. Why that is and getting past what brought on that crisis is at the root of the story here. I found myself caring about Grace and wanting to see how she dealt with her issues, for some reason always assuming that she would. The more I got to know her, the more I loved her. I suspect if you give this a try, you’ll feel the same. Grace also gets involved in the lives of a couple kids with issues of their own who you’ll care about and hope Grace can help them out as well as dealing with her own pain. Of course, this is the first book of a planned trilogy and now I find myself over-eager to dive into that second installment. I can’t wait to see where Grace’s story goes next.

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Some adult language

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 55-60,000 words

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