Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Review: They Lie Here by N S Ford

 Genre: Psychological Thriller


Difficult to say much without massive spoilers. Kat Green (our protagonist) is intent on tracking down Roscoe Darke, reclusive leader of Eighties’ synth band Scorpio Hearts. She makes a thin living off this sort of thing. We get plenty of description of his picturesque home town, ‘Waelminster’ (which had me wondering which real English town it was based on – possibly Winchester? If anyone knows for sure, do let me know.)

Kat is a loner and a wanderer, for reasons which become clear as the book unfolds. Her past is pretty murky. Why that would make her want to investigate other people with murky pasts is part of the mystery. She wouldn’t want hers coming out, but … well, that’s what the book’s about.

There are many, short, chapters. Each one is titled and together they give a good clue at the outset that there is a second important strand to the book. Also musical. Also in the past. The two strands come together like a clap of thunder, making for a satisfying climax to the book.


N S Ford is the author of one other psychological thriller, We Watch You and two short story collections, After the Burning and A Strange Belief. She is also a book fanatic and blogger, and lives in the UK.

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Music is absolutely central to this book. The Amazon listing has it categorised under conspiracy and psychological thrillers. But although there is certainly mystery here, it’s barely a thriller. But, trust me, that doesn’t matter a bit. The setting is well laid out without becoming too intrusive. The music industry feels queasily real. The characters are many, but incisively yet economically drawn so it is easy to keep them clear in the mind. Clues are dropped judiciously from the beginning and throughout. Kat’s fascinating and important back story is relayed in such a way as to leave the reader increasingly eager to know more. And there is some interesting science fictional seasoning. The writing is supple and engaging.

If you enjoy popular music (especially of the Eighties and Nineties) you will be entertained by this book.

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Rating: *****Five Stars

Reviewed by: Judi Moore

Approximate word count: 70-75,000 words

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