Sunday, December 24, 2023

Review: Meet Me in Miami by Charles St. Anthony


Genre: Memoir/Humor


“Food, romance, and magic: Charles St. Anthony discovered more than he bargained for in Miami. After a wobbly welcome to the South Florida metropolis, Charles does more than 1,000 food deliveries using food delivery apps. In doing so, he finds some of the most scrumptious food that Miami has to offer. Along the way, Charles picked up more than just pizza! He meets someone and gives his account of how the relationship unfolds.

We've all seen the bizarre news stories that frequently emerge from the Sunshine State. Charles also gives the authoritative analysis as to why ‘Florida Man’ exists. Part comedy and part investigative journalism, Meet Me in Miami follows studies Charles St. Anthony has written on Beverly Hills and Oklahoma City. Written with his characteristic panache, he takes you on a tropical adventure in a city where the cultures of the United States and Latin America collide.

Meet Me in Miami is a work of creative non-fiction by author Charles St. Anthony. This work is unrelated to the 2005 romantic comedy and women's clothing store of the same name.”


“Host of the T With Charles podcast, Charles St. Anthony has published several humorous memoirs. His recent series of short reads focus on the gig economy.”


This is much like a couple of other books by the same author. Short reads that chronicle his adventures trying to earn a buck while delivering food as a delivery person for one or more of the food delivery services available in many cities. In these books you learn a bit about the city (obviously Miami in this installment) and the people who live there as Charles St. Anthony lays out his experiences. Some of that is what you would expect to discover about a city (what the different areas are like or where some fun places to go might be located) while others things are a bit of a twist to the norm, for example you’ll be able to answer the question ”how well do people in this city tip and how does it compare to other cities the author has experienced?” You’ll find out where people in each city like to eat, what places have unique food items, and if you had the perception that delivering for Doordash or the like was a great way to make big money, you’ll find out the reality of that as well. As with the author’s prior books I found this to be a quick, fun read.

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Rating: **** Four Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 9-10,000 words

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