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Review: Still No Kids & Still OK: A Childfree Humor Book by Ellen Metter

 Genre: Humor


“There’s less pressure these days to make lots of dimply babies. But what about the indecision that would-be parents experience as they consider the Baby, Yes or Baby, No choices? Or the subtle societal nagging that says having zero children leads to a lonely life with only Netflix and grizzled old guys with no teeth as your friends?

Now that she’s nearly old enough to get ‘Save the Date!’ invites from the Grim Reaper, Ellen Metter is ready to share a light-hearted, illustrated look at an intentionally childfree life.

Still No Kids & Still Ok is for everyone. The author loves it when people have children since we need kids who grow up to create hilarious Netflix shows. But since parenting can be like flying a Boeing jumbo jet with squirrels in your hair, it’s best when the desire for children is strong. Like Superman strong.

And for those who hesitate to procreate? The author gets it! The only doll she loved as a kid was Barbie since that doll seemed old enough to have sex. (Protected, of course.) Still No Kids & Still Ok shares illustrated evidence that a long and childfree life is more than Ok.”


“Metter is the author of Still No Kids & Still OK: A Childfree Humor book and the sci-fi novel Transference. She's tried out several professions, including radio DJing, dishwashing, mystery shopping, and stand-up comedy. Metter enjoyed three decades as an academic librarian on Denver’s Auraria campus. She enjoys walking anywhere and singing along.”

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This is a fun, relatively short read that depending on your age, parental status (are you a parent?) or parental goals (if you aren’t a parent, do you want to be now or in the future?), will speak to you in a different way. As a grandfather well past the point where having another child is likely, I still enjoyed this. But regardless of where you stand on having children, this will make you laugh, but also get you thinking. If you want kids and don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t, this book will give you some perspective on that, but in a way that will have you laughing and smiling. This book, while covering a subject that some might take overly seriously approaches everything in a humorous way. For those who don’t want kids now or in the future, you’ll have your decision reinforced as well. Along with the fun to be had in the main sections of the book there are some quotes from various people (labeled as “marvelous quote”) interspersed throughout as well as some cartoons that reinforce the message of the book.

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A bit of adult language.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: **** Four Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 17-18,000 words

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