Monday, March 3, 2014

Readers' Choice Spotlight - Crime Fiction

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Kiss Her Goodbye by Allan Guthrie

Kiss Her Goodbye is a hard-hitting crime novel about a violent man confronting the reality of his daughter's death. 

Violence is Joe Hope's business. When people in Edinburgh want to borrow money, they go to Cooper. When they don't pay it back, they get a visit from Joe Hope. 

But now Joe's got problems of his own. His teenage daughter is found dead, an apparent suicide. Then the police arrest him for murder. 

But for once in his life, Joe's innocent – and with help from Scotland's hardest men (and one of Scotland's hardest women), he sets out to find the person who framed him and deliver his own brutal brand of justice. After all, somebody has to pay.

One Day in the Life of Jason Dean by Ian Ayris

Jason Dean is a hitman with a penchant for fine literature, poetry and classical music. He loves Shostakovich, and adores his little girl, Sophie. And he hates Wagner. Everything he stands for. 

Mind you, with three jobs to do for Micky Archer and a heart that is breaking by the minute, Wagner is the least of his problems . 

One More Body by Josh Stallings

Threatened with a life behind bars, Moses is reluctantly dragged back into war. The battlefield is the streets of Los Angeles. There is no DMZ. His enemies take no prisoners and accept no surrender. Then again, neither does Moses McGuire. 

The Big O by Declan Burke

Karen can’t go on pulling stick-ups forever, but Rossi is getting out of prison any day now and she needs the money to keep Anna out of his hands. This new guy she’s met, Ray, just might be able to help her out, but he wants out of the kidnap game now the Slavs are bunkering in. And then there's Frank, the discredited plastic surgeon who wants his ex-wife snatched - the ex-wife being Madge, who just happens to be Karen’s best friend. But can Karen and Ray trust each other enough to carry off one last caper? Or will love, as always, ruin everything?

The Crooked Beat by Nick Quantrill

When Joe Geraghty’s brother finds himself in financial trouble, it’s only natural that he turns to the Private Investigator for help. But when it relates to a missing consignment of smuggled cigarettes, it’s not so easily sorted. Drawn into the murky world of local and international criminals around the port of Hull, Geraghty knows the only way to save his brother is to take on the debt himself. But as he attempts to find a way out of the situation, the secrets and conspiracies he uncovers are so deeply buried in the past, he knows he’s facing people willing to do whatever it takes to keep them that way.

Wee Danny by Gerard Brennan

Incarcerated in a home for young offenders, Wee Danny Gibson has learned how to act in front of his teachers, his educational psychologist and the institute's supervisors. And if he continues to keep his nose clean, he could be rewarded with a day-trip to Castle Ward. But good behaviour is no easy task when his fellow inmates are determined to get in his face. Then there’s Conan 'The Barbarian' Quinlan, a gentle giant who Danny feels compelled to look out for. Friend or liability? Danny can't be sure, but he knows he needs to stay focussed on that little taste of freedom.

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