Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reprise Review: The Time Travel Journals: Bridgebuilders / Marlene Dotterer

Reviewed by: Michael Thal

Genre: Science Fiction

Approximate word count: 90-95,000 words

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Author, geologist, chef, and frustrated gardener, Marlene Dotterer writes “to silence the voices” due to her obsession of other worlds and other times. Born in Tucson, Arizona, she migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1990 with her five children. Her writings include The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilder, Moon Over Donamorgh, and Worlds Apart. Keep an eye out for the third book in this series, Time Travel Journals: Honor System.


In 1977 Sam Altair, fresh out of graduate school, learns he has inherited the life work of Dr. Sam Altair, an older version of himself. The older Sam transported back in time in 2006 with Casey, a young coed, to 1906. It was a physics experiment gone awry, and it created a new universe. From the older Sam’s notes, the help of Jamie, and Sarah Andrews, Casey’s descendants, Sam constructs a bridge back to the future and the original Sam’s universe


In this exciting sequel to The Time Travel Journals: Shipbuilders, Marlene Dotterer brings us its sequel, The Time Travel Journals: Bridgebuilders. In an easy reading fluid style we learn how Casey and Sam affected their new universe in positive ways. The universe they left behind is ruled, in 2080, by an oligarchy headed by the Sun Consortium. The earth is dying, individual freedom is but a memory, and many of its citizens work secretly to overthrow the shackles of their government’s tyranny. To add to the mess, scientists uncover neutrinos, a signature that a race of beings may be invading their world.

The invaders are Sam and Sarah testing their invention, but when they crossover to the First Universe a hundred years in the future, they are in for an unwanted surprise.

Whether you read Dotterer’s first novel in this series or not, Bridgebuilders is a wonderful science fiction thriller revealing the evils of religious zealotry, the effects of global warming, and the triumph of reason over fear.

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Rating: ***** Five stars

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