Thursday, October 29, 2015

Recently at The IndieView

The most recent interviews at The IndieView starting with a refresher on the different kinds of interviews. 

The IndieView

This is an interview with a standard set of open ended questions. While they focus on a specific book, they also delve into the author's history as a writer and the path they took in becoming an indie author.

The BookView

This is a shorter interview format for authors who have already done an IndieView which focuses just on their most recent book.

Reviewer IndieView

These are interviews with reviewers who have their own review blog that delve into their approach to reviewing. A great way to find other book blogs you might like to follow. (For authors, there is also an extensive database of indie friendly review sites you might like to check out.)

Allirea's Realm

By invitation only, these are quirky, often irreverent interviews done by longtime Books and Pals follower, Allirea.

(Authors and reviewers interested in doing an IndieView should visit this page for details.)

IndieView with Dee Dee M. Scott, author of Sent from Heaven

Years ago, while vacationing with my family, the idea for the story popped into my head. It stayed on my mind for the remainder of the trip. I couldn’t wait to get home to write out my thoughts. 

IndieView with Yasmine Hamdi, author of Spirit of the Wind

I am fifteen-years old and I speak three languages fluently. I love to read, write and travel. I’ve been to about seven countries so far!

IndieView with G.K. DeRosa, author of Wilder

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get some of my inspiration from my favorites like The Vampire Diaries, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy, etc. For me,

IndieView with Ken Hart, author of Reinforcements

I would say that a reader who would enjoy my work would have to be open minded about language and sexual situations. That the reader would have to have an interest in recent American history and also have an interest in education.

BookView with Kate Moretti, author of While You Were Gone

I learned that, while my tastes are changing (I’m starting to favor more plot heavy suspense books), I still love dipping into that character driven romance a bit.

BookView with Rebecca Chastain, author of A Fistful of Fire

My novels are geared toward people looking to escape into a fun world and come out the other side feeling energized by the happy ending.

IndieView with Merrill R. Chapman, author of Selling Steve Jobs’ Liver

I’ll share some things I’ve learned and provide some contrarian views on a few things I’ve read from other The IndieView interviewees.

IndieView with Angelika Rust, author of My Name is not Alice

Over the past years, I spent a few months teaching English to pensioners, which required me getting up at 6am to walk the dog before work. You get all sorts of ideas when you’re walking in perfect darkness, no lanterns, and loads of mysterious sounds reaching you through thick fog. Half the story came to me then and there. The other half I owe to a friend who caught me writing ‘leftover bear’ instead of ‘leftover beer’.

IndieView with Tiffany Reyes, author of Behind the Chimera

When I’m writing a scene and the thought crosses my mind, “Should I write this? My mom is going to read this,” I know I need to write it.

BookView with Erica Lucke Dean, author of Splintered Souls

The doctor prescribed me some potent meds that made me seasick if I stood up, so I laid in my bed for 3 weeks and wrote a book.

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