Thursday, November 19, 2015

Reprise Review: Suddenly Sorceress / Erica Lucke Dean

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/Romance/Magic

Approximate word count: 70-75,000 words

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“After walking away from her career as a business banker to pursue writing full-time, Erica Lucke Dean moved from the hustle and bustle of the big city to a small tourist town in the North Georgia Mountains where she lives in a 90-year-old haunted farmhouse with her workaholic husband, her 180lb lap dog, and at least one ghost.”

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"PMS can be a real witch.

Ivie McKie isn’t your run-of-the-mill kindergarten teacher. After an encounter with a horny goat, followed by a confrontation with her lying, cheating fiancĂ©, Ivie is shocked when the big jerk suddenly transforms into a skunk—the black and white furry variety.

Enlisting the help of her shopaholic friend Chloe and sexy club magician Jackson Blake, Ivie is forced to play a literal game of cat and mouse as she races against the clock to change her ex back before she's arrested for his murder... Ivie soon discovers what every witch worth her spell book knows: There’s nothing worse than a bad case of Post Magical Syndrome."


This story was absolutely the most fun I've had reading in a while. From the moment I met Ivie, I liked her. She was smart, cute, humble, and just a bit accident prone. Perhaps accident prone isn't the right choice of words here, but things tend to happen to her. When she loses her temper with her cheating fiancé and he changes into a skunk, she scrambles to figure out how to turn him back into his regular self. Nothing like this has ever happened to her before.

The plot twists and turns as Ivie searches all the wrong places for answers to her dilemma. One of those wrong places is a magic show in a seedy part of town where she meets gorgeous part-time stage magician Jackson Blake, who leads her to believe he might be able to help. Ivie is totally out of her element and desperately grasping at straws as she tries to elude the police by hesitantly involving her best friend, Chloe. Everyone needs a best friend like Chloe. She was as eccentric as she was loyal. She kept me laughing and I loved her style.

As certain elements in the story change, the stakes raise higher and Ivie's mother gets pulled into the fray. Certain facts about the past are brought to light and Ivie's world is turned upside down yet again. I can't say the ending was a complete surprise, but I can say it ended the way I was hoping it would. I had my fingers crossed anyway.

The plot moves at a good pace and twists back on itself more than once. The foible-filled characters were all well developed and the dialogue was thoroughly entertaining. It was fun giving into the magical elements of this story and Ms. Dean's Post Magical Syndrome was a fascinating twist. If you are looking for a fast, fun, sexy story that will leave a smile on your face I highly recommend this one.


Adult sexual situations and adult language that may be offensive to some.

Format/Typo Issues:

Although I read an Advanced Readers Copy, I found no significant errors.

Rating: ***** Five stars

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