Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Review: Spiral: A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion by Amy Simpkins

Genre: Self-Help


“Has the road to your dream been paved in disappointment? Do you feel like you’re always taking one step forward and two steps backward? MIT-trained astronautical engineer and renewable energy CEO Amy Simpkins has seen both the scientific and the aesthetic sides of life's cyclical nature. After teaching her concepts to business leaders throughout the world, she's honed a repeatable process for harnessing the world's inherent ebb and flow and designing your most fulfilling, high-impact work.

Spiral: A Catalyst for Innovation and Expansion teaches you how to build your business on your own terms while working with natural cycles instead of fighting against them. Through Simpkins' powerful insights, you'll learn how to embrace creativity and innovation to achieve your greatest potential. By marrying business and personal development, her book will finally let you stop zigging and zagging to dream big and implement your best ideas.

In Spiral, you’ll discover:

Analogies from engineering and physics that will help you fuse structure and creativity

Instructive, real-world stories from both the author’s career and her clients’ experiences

How to harness the natural rhythms of life so you can thrive in business no matter the cycle

How to use your natural flow states to ease you and your business into the next phase

The importance of embracing the spiral as you pursue your greatest ambitions, and much, much more!

Spiral is an inspiring whole-person approach to business growth. If you like mind-blowing self-help, simple yet powerful tools, and resources that guide you when life isn’t straight and narrow, then you’ll love Amy Simpkins ’ masterful book!”


“Amy Simpkins has an engineer's brain and a poet's heart. Her life's work has been centered around the integration of seemingly unrelated things and the subsequent solution of wickedly hard problems.

Ms. Simpkins is a speaker, author, and thought leader in innovation. She facilitates massive leaps forward by helping individuals and organizations with big ideas make connections they've been missing. She believes that innovation is for everyone and holds the key to both personal fulfillment and lasting global change. She has been helping innovators implement their ideas since 2013.”


While largely aimed at inspiring or leading you to find the inspiration to be innovative in building a new business of some kind, the concepts in Spiral could apply to your personal life, a hobby, or anywhere in your world where a little innovation, creativity, and fresh ideas might improve the situation. This review will have to be vague, since the alternative would be to repeat the whole book, but I’ll say the concept that provides the foundation of the book is interesting. It will have you thinking and, most importantly, re-thinking how you view certain seemingly opposite things.

The author makes some points that many of us would be prone to disagree with or resist, but she has a way of making her case with irrefutable logic, such that I found myself recognizing that my first instincts were wrong. Through this process you’ll recognize and discover skills you didn’t know you had and through applying these skills, hopefully find the way to go beyond anything you’ve been able to accomplish before. That’s the goal of the book and, if that sounds like something you’d like to do, read it and see if it helps you do so. I’m betting it does.

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Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

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