Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crush / S.L. Baum

Reviewed by: Fredlet

Genre: YA/Dystopian

Approximate word count: 50-55,000 words

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Ms Baum enjoyed sci-fi books and movies as a kid. In her teens she began reading supernatural/paranormal novels. Other interests include crafting, baking, part time teaching, and most importantly being a wife and mother. She is the author of The Immortal Ones series. This book is the final novel in the Lush series.

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“During Bluebell’s Lush Ambassador tour of the Concords, Three was attacked. The Council imposed a mandatory curfew, suspended nonessential travel, and ordered her back home to One. Before leaving for home she receives a cryptic message telling her, “Make your father remember. It’s the only way.” Will Bluebell be able to find the truth before someone discovers she knows more about Concord than any Citizen should?”


I had mixed feeling when starting to read Crush; happiness to be back in Bluebell’s world with her friends, sadness knowing it will be the end of the series, and apprehension about how it would be resolved. Ms Baum did not disappoint!

As Blue gets ready to return to One after the attack, Gill confides to her that “we” were not involved in the explosion as The Council is implying. During the broadcast of Blue’s last public performance in Three, a mysterious message falls from the sky telling her to “Make your father remember. It’s the only way.” This sets Bluebell and Thorn on the path to discovering what happened to Blue’s mother as well as what The Council is really up to. The heightened security and not knowing who is safe to talk to, complicates their plans.  There are many twists and turns on the way to the finding out the truth. Just like in Lush and Hush the moment will come when you realize where this title comes into play. Ms Baum messes with your head while confusing you about how you feel about the different characters and who is to be trusted. It made me feel like I was in Bluebell’s shoes trying to figure it out. The scenes between Blue and her father as he remembers were touching.  In the end, the choices that had to be made by all the characters and what is beyond Concord were realistic, fitting, and included some surprises. All in all a very satisfying ending where everything is made clear. Although, I am “crushed” that it is over.  I’ve enjoyed Ms Baum’s The Immortal Ones and Lush series, so I look forward to what she has in store for her readers next.


Crush is the final novel in the Lush series following Lush and Hush. Reading the proceeding books in the series is necessary for a complete understanding of this book.

Format/Typo Issues:

This review is based on a beta (pre-release) version and I’m unable to judge the final product in this area.

Rating: ***** Five Stars

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