Monday, October 27, 2014


Some may not be aware of the recent post in TheGuardian by YA author Kathleen Hale which detailed her stalking of a blogger who didn’t love her book and the varied reactions to it. Some book bloggers, reacting to a subset of authors who see Hale as their hero, have chosen to have a blackout. What that means varies from site to site, the most common being not publishing new reviews for some period of time. For those who are learning about this for the first time here, this post at Bibliodaze and the several links it contains, will send you as far down the rabbit hole as you care to go.

We won’t be participating in the blackout. (If you want us to, pretend that we’ll be refusing to review any books published by Harper Teen, Hale’s publisher. Forever. Not that we ever would have any way.)

I’m not going to go into my rationale for not blacking out. However, I will say that despite that, we support those who are doing so, and thought a quick post expressing solidarity with our fellow bloggers was in order.


Unknown said...

For a moment I thought someone had released and was selling an ebook about the whole escapade, entitled "HaleNo" and you were reviewing it.

Actually, I'm not doing anything tonight. Maybe I could write a 99 cent quicky.

BooksAndPals said...

If you write it, I'll review it, Marion. :)

Laurie Boris said...

Thank you, Al. And that would be an interesting review.

Author Denise Kawaii said...

There has been a lot of talk about this over on Goodreads. It is interesting, albeit unfortunate on many levels. The level of access we have to one another, and the amount of disregard that we have for other's safety is rattling.

I promise not to show up on the front door of anyone who negatively reviews my books, unless of course we happen to live at the same address.

BooksAndPals said...

I think I'm safe then, Denise. :)