Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Chains of War / Dean F. Wilson

Reviewed by: Sooz

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Approximate word count: 70-75,000 words

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Dean F. Wilson was born in Dublin, Ireland. The Call of Agon was his first published novel, which won an award for an early draft in 2001. Wilson has since published two more. He is also a journalist working in the technology field.

You can learn more at his website.


Ifferon, Herr’Don, Delin and company complete their heroic journey to rid the world of a hulking evil god that is bent on destruction. They have to figure out how to get rid of Agon, as he slowly breaks through his chains before the world is ruined. The Children of Telm are the only hope.


I was looking forward to finishing Dean F. Wilson’s trilogy involving gods, monsters and heroes. The first two books in The Children of Telm series took on a daunting task of an epic fantasy that brought together a band of people from all walks of life in Wilson’s world – which are so varied and different from one person to the next.

While The Chains of War had a satisfying conclusion, I was still disappointed. The Chains of War (Book Three of The Children of Telm) felt rushed compared to the previous installments. I wanted a bit more action from the first book – and I got it – but I almost felt it came at the sacrifice of Wilson’s prose that I had grown to enjoy.

The first two books felt detailed and nourished. In The Chains of War, there were times where Wilson could have built a surprise, but instead the scenes were diluted.

That’s not to say, I didn’t enjoy The Chains of War. I did.

Wilson’s world was different than many others I have read. Some of the characters were unique and there was an interesting twist in the attempt to get rid of the evil god that none of the characters realized until it was too late.

While the long, winding journey came to a close, I couldn’t say I wasn’t a little sad to see some of characters go. I didn’t want their stories to end just yet. Perhaps a prequel or an origin story for a couple of the heroes would help fill that void.

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Rating: **** Four stars

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