Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Review: Daisy Fields by Maki Matsui


Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Young Adult/Novella


“She's twenty-two or thirty-nine. She's from Texas or from Alaska. Her mother left her when she was little... or was she abducted? She's stalked by a loan shark, but she's never taken a loan.

And him? A soft-spoken, SLR-wielding hero, passionate and sincere—yielding, even...except in love.

When David decides to take the wacky, quirky Kalifornia Mooney as his housemate, he doesn’t expect his world to be turned upside down. As their mutual affection grows, so does the inexplicable chasm between the two friends. Kalifornia keeps her life shrouded in mystery, and no matter how much time they spend together, he doesn’t seem to know the first thing about her. Who is she? What is she so afraid of? Is she a refugee, as she claims to be, and if so, what is she running from?”


“Born and raised in Japan, Maki Matsui has been a lifelong reader and writer, first in Japanese and then in English. Besides being the author of two books—Back to Troy (2020) and Daisy Fields (2020)—she is also a classical singer. She makes her home in the hills of Western Massachusetts and is currently working on her third title.”

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“What is sincerity, what is freedom, what is true love?”

David Nighthart, age twenty-four, is a passionate, soft-spoken photographer who is looking for a housemate. What he gets is a cute, quirky, emotionally damaged female hauling all of her possessions in two large plastic bags and a suitcase knocking at his door that evening. Her name is Kalifornia Mooney, and she claims to write fiction under the name Ambrosius Mooney. Now David is trying to learn how to tell the difference between Kalifornia’s fiction and her truths. Kalifornia guards her secrets profoundly.

After about three months David feels like he’s making headway into Kalifornia’s mysterious ways. Meanwhile, Kalifornia feels her protective walls crumbling. Her fallback is to pack all her stuff and run away. David’s world falls apart. His insecurity about love and relationships takes a wallop deep in his soul. The raw emotion comes off the page as David does a lot of soul searching, trying to figure out how he could have done things differently.

Daisy Fields is a sweet but emotional rollercoaster ride. The secondary characters are realistic and human with faults of their own. This would be a nice story to read on a quiet weekend.

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Cozy romance that explores love from many angles.

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Rating: **** Four Stars

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Approximate word count: 25-30,000 words

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