Monday, April 11, 2022

Review: Hopi Walk by Melissa Bowersock

 Genre: Cozy Mystery/Native American/Paranormal


“Navajo police officer John Stoneburner is a tough cookie who hates to rely on anyone else, especially Sam Firecloud with his ‘woo-woo’ abilities. So when John asks Sam to investigate the death of his own brother, Sam knows John is totally out of ideas. The investigation centers on Blue Canyon, a scenic and spiritual area of the Hopi reservation. When Sam walks the location, he not only connects with John’s brother, but also with other enraged spirits that are out for revenge, and that don’t care who they exact it from.”


“Melissa Bowersock is an eclectic, award-winning author who writes in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres: biography, contemporary, western, action, romance, fantasy, paranormal and spiritual. She has been both traditionally and independently published and is a regular contributor to the superblog Indies Unlimited. She has a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist that says IMAGINE. In her next life, she plans to be an astronaut. She lives in a small community in northern Arizona with her husband and an Airedale terrier. She also writes under the pen name Amber Flame.”

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Although I’ve been aware of them, this was my first time reading one of the books in the Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud mystery series. It was a nice change of pace. They’re likeable characters, as are most of the others in the story (with a few obvious exceptions). The mystery being solved kept me engaged. What sets this series apart from a typical cozy mystery is the settings, often in or near Navajo or, in this case, Hopi, country in northern Arizona with lots of natives playing a role in the story. (Firecloud is a Navajo himself.) There are also a lot of supernatural aspects with Firecloud having the ability to, for lack of a better word, communicate with the spirits of those who are no longer alive. This adds a twist to the story and the approach Sam and Lacey use to get to the bottom of the mystery that makes for a fun, unpredictable read.

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This is book 33 of this series. It’s also the first I’ve read. The books can be read as standalones with each installment taking a particular case from start to end.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 45-50,000 words


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