Monday, December 9, 2013

Special Offer on David Henderson's Broken Christmas. Commentary provided by ?wazithinkin

Last November I reviewed an excellent book of Christmas themed short stories by David S. Henderson titled, Broken Christmas. It was nominated for Books and Pals 2013 Readers' Choice Award.  Mr. Henderson has a talent to invent unique characters and tell heart-felt stories. You can read my review here.

Mr. Henderson has come up with a unique marketing idea to promote this compilation of Christmas short stories. When you purchase Broken Christmas between now and Christmas on the last page you will find the Secret Santa ciphered message.

Email the Secret Santa ciphered message to:
and you will be sent the Bonus Short Story Gumshoe Santa for FREE.”

Gumshoe Santa fits in nicely with the other short stories in Broken Christmas. Oscar Rudolph is a retired police detective who has started his own investigative business. He is faced with making moral decisions about keeping the integrity of his practice while trying to maintain a thriving business. While staking out a house on a snowy ChristmasEve he is spotted by young boy through a window who has decided he is Santa, but since he is in plain clothes Santa must be a double agent spy. The turn of events that allows Oscar to handle an unscrupulous woman who wants a divorce from her wealthy husband and then awe a little boy with an overactive imagination was priceless. This is a well told story with strong characters and deserves its own five stars.

David Henderson has a website now. there still isn't much info about him. Except he has three books out.

Behind Is Where I Left It

The Worth of Things

Broken Christmas 

Get your copy of Broken Christmas from Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Barnes & Noble.

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