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Voodoo Love And The Curse of Jean Lafitte's Treasure / Victoria Richards

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Genre: Paranormal Romance /Romantic Suspense /Ghost

Approximate word count: 35-40,000 words

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“Victoria Richards is a native southern Californian. She is married and a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful daughters. She holds two degrees, one in Liberal Arts and the other in History... Her other interests include traveling, painting, shopping, volleyball, jogging at the beach, and enjoying a good game of billiards.” 

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In the small town of Barataria Bay, Louisiana, Elizabeth Brown is struggling to remember the past. Two years ago she lost her lover and her memory on a quest to find a long lost treasure guarded by a voodoo curse.
When Elizabeth's life is interrupted by a ghostly visit from Juan Carlos, she finds herself once again plunged into unwanted intrigue. With his help, her memory of the past begins to come back.


The opening scene in this story is sure to grab you and not let you go. Then the story jumps ahead two years and we learn how Elizabeth's life has changed and how she is coping with her loss of Juan Carlos. There is a powerful voodoo curse at play in her life she is entirely unaware of. Most of the story is told in first person and we get to watch as the scenes unfold and her memory starts to return. Several players are not who they seem and there is at least one extremely vile villain who insinuates himself throughout the story.

The plot is fast moving and captivating, interwoven with bits and pieces of voodoo history and rituals. The story is suspenseful and full of intrigue as Elizabeth's memory starts to return and we get to know more around the series of events that happened when she lost her memory. The lore and curse surrounding Jean Lafitte's treasure was what captured me the most.

While I enjoyed the story and the characters were well defined, I had a little trouble keeping a connection with Elizabeth. I empathized with her character, she had a smart wit about her. I liked the way she justified carrying a gun in her purse. She had a strength of character that I am not sure I would have had in her position. One of her biggest strengths of character comes at the end of the book where there are some twists in the story that make this a fully satisfying read.


There are adult sexual situations, mild language, and one F-bomb.

Format/Typo Issues:

I came across a small number of proofing errors but nothing that threw me out of the story.

Rating: **** Four stars

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