Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Review: Intimate Relations by Rebecca Forster


Genre: Mystery/Police Procedural


“A woman in a window. A cop out of his element. A crime of unimaginable passion.

It's two in the morning when a domestic disturbance brings Finn O'Brien to an artists' colony on the frayed edges of the City of Angels. Housed in an abandoned brewery, the concrete fortress looms like a dystopian portal to hell. Inside the detective finds a bizarre gathering of Los Angeles elites, a man in a rage, and a young woman beaten to death, her face obliterated.

As he hunts a killer, Finn finds himself in a surreal world where art and science create strange bedfellows, money and desire birth shameful descendants, and the deadliest relationships of all are the most intimate.”


The author of numerous thrillers in multiple subgenres, USA Today bestseller Rebecca Forster lives in Los Angeles with her husband.


This is the fourth book in the Finn O’Brien series featuring detective O’Brien and his partner, Detective Cori Anderson. As with the prior books, the characters, both O’Brian and Anderson as well as those they interact with, kept me entertained. The mystery of the case they were working on kept me coming back. There were so many ways this case could go, which kept me guessing like a mystery should do.

This story has some differences from the prior books in the series that served to mix things up a bit. One of those is that O’Brien and Anderson who normally are assigned to the Wilshire division of the Los Angeles Police Department have been loaned temporarily to the East L.A. division. Even people like me with a minimal knowledge of Los Angeles understand that this is a significant change in their work environment, from the upscale area bordering Beverly Hills to the exact opposite. Throw in the normal difficulties of working with a new and different boss and it is bad enough. Then they get assigned to what develops into a big complicated murder case and it turns out that Finn’s ex-wife is possibly involved in some way. She’s definitely involved with the people connected to the murder. The result is an entertaining and suspenseful detective mystery that fans of such stories will definitely enjoy.

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This is book 4 of Forster’s Finn O’Brien series. Each book stands alone, so no concern if you haven’t read the previous books. There are definitely adult themes happening in this story, but in spite of that it was never especially explicit.

Format/Typo Issues:

Review is based on an ARC (advanced reader copy) so I can’t judge the final product in this area.

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 80-85,000 word

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