Monday, January 31, 2011

The Everyday Romantic / Tammie Clarke Gibbs

Genre: Non-Fiction/Self Help

Approximate net words:

9-10,000 words

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Georgia native and romance author Tammie Clarke Gibbs has experience helping fictional characters become romantic, but as a former owner of a balloon and gift basket business, she’s experienced in helping real people become a little more romantic too. Her latest novel is Island of Secrets, a historical time-travel romance. For more visit
the author's web site.

The subtitle, The Ultimate Guide to Do-It-Yourself Romantic Rendezvous, Gifts and More …, tells the story. The book is split into three sections - Romantic Rendezvous, Romantic Gifts, and Romance Everyday.


If I have a complaint about this book, it’s not with the contents, but with the structure. It seems the book, just like real people, should start small and work up to the big things. Instead, the book kicks off with the big things, ideas for romantic weekend getaways with your special someone. I would have saved that section for last. Although excellent ideas they’re also not the “every day” (or week or probably even month) kinds of things most people can or would do.

Were it me, I’d have started with the Romantic Gifts section. This and the last section are where the book shines. Here you’ll find new ideas for those big days that “are a given” like Valentine’s Day and birthdays, but also those days when you want to surprise your special someone. (It’s the latter that will make you a romantic.) You’ll learn why flowers are not always the answer and the situation where daisies or the wildflowers by the side of the road are better than roses. This section has some excellent ideas and advice that should help anyone think more romantically.

The previous section was focused outward, what you can do and how you can do it. The last section of the book, Romance Everyday, focuses inward. You’ll find ideas for making yourself more receptive to romance, because in the end, romance isn’t about the specifics, but about the attitude.

Format/Typo Issues:
The initial version of the book contained a greater than average number of typos/proofreading errors although not so excessive as to be a big problem for me. However, I passed those I found onto the author who fixed them and uploaded a corrected version of the book. I don’t anticipate any significant issues remain. (Anyone who purchased the book prior to January 30th should be able to contact Kindle Customer Service and request the corrected version.)

Ranking: ****4 Stars

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