Friday, February 4, 2011

Crime Beat / Scott Nicholson

Genre: Suspense/Mystery

Approximate word count:

20-25,000 for Novella.

2-3,000 for bonus short story (“Do You Know Me Yet?”)

Availability  Kindle: YES  Nook: YES  DTB: NO

Scott Nicholson is a former newspaper reporter, former musician, and even a former paranormal investigator. Now he’s a successful author. He’s written a bunch of books available for your Kindle (20, including co-writes, if I counted correctly).  For more visit the author's website.


When John Moretz starts his new job as crime beat reporter in a small Blue Ridge Mountain town a crime spree erupts. Circulation for the small tri-weekly Sycamore Shade Picayune builds as a serial killer runs amok.


This was an excellent story with the suspense and mystery building throughout. The main character, Moretz’s editor who narrates the story, is well drawn. He’s cynical yet has a great sense of humor. Other major characters including Moretz remain just enough of an enigma to keep you guessing. Nicholson’s writing is excellent blending dialogue, action, and narrative in the right proportions to keep the story moving and the reader engaged.

Some of the minor characters, especially the police chief, lean toward being caricatures. This in itself is not necessarily that bad, but it leaves very few viable suspects. Despite this I was still kept wondering whodunit.

Format/Typo Issues:

Has excellent formatting including a fully functional table of contents. No significant typos or editing issues. If every Kindle book was this well done there would be no point in having this section.

Rating: **** 4 Stars


Author Scott Nicholson said...

I don't usually read reviews of my work, Al, but I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. I've been working hard to learn formatting and want all my books to be pro quality.


Vicki said...

Haven't read Crime Beat yet, but have no doubt the story is excellent as you say. Looking forward to reading it.