Friday, April 1, 2011

Maisy May / Naomi Kramer

Genre: YA

Approximate word count: 25-30,000 words

Availability Kindle: YES   Nook: YES    DTB: NO


Aussie Naomi Kramer may have the distinction of having the only book in the Kindle store in Greek, at least the only one of which I’m aware. Her novella DEAD(ish) is available in a Greek language edition as well as English. In addition, she has a sequel (in English only) called (technically) DEAD. Coffee addict Kramer has two kids and lives in Ipswich, just up the road from Brisbane.


Maisy May Dickens is a typical teen girl, if you consider an ex-druggie turned religious mother, no dad in sight, and a thing for fast cars as typical. At least she has a sense of humor.


I love Maisy May. I'm talking about the character, but obviously, the same good feelings extend to the book as a whole. In many ways Maisy is a typical teenager with typical teenage problems. She's working at making the transition from kid to adult. Like almost every high school kid, there are teachers she doesn't like, cliques she clashes with, and adults she'd rather avoid. Sometimes her Mom is great and sometimes she wishes she'd just go away.

What sets Maisy apart is her sense of humor. She sees the funny side of everything. She recognizes the absurdity of so many experiences in life. Her internal dialog had me laughing out loud almost constantly. Most importantly, even when her life takes an unplanned and traumatic turn, she keeps laughing. This novella is the first of a trilogy. I'm eager to see what the next installment of Maisy's life brings.


Although aimed at an older YA audience, as someone well past that age I found this book both entertaining and thought provoking. Don’t let the YA label scare you off. There is a small amount of profanity, sexual and religious themes. Kramer is Australian so expect some Aussie slang.

Format/Typo Issues:

I read this prior to starting the blog, however I believe there were very few, if any, issues at that time.

Rating: ***** Five Stars


Alexa O said...

I love sophisticated and funny YA. Thanks for the review--I will read this one!

Ana said...

I like YA genre. Seems like it's what I read most of the time these days. Call it regression, cause I'm definitely way past that age, somehow I find it enjoyable. Light reading with steaming coffee...hmmmm... thanks for the review. will definitely read this.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to be reading so much YA fiction, but this looks like one i will gladly add to my TBR list.
Thanks for the review.

Danielle G. said...

Sounds like a great read, I'll add it to my list. I don't understand those who profess distaste for YA fiction without reading any--good writing and storytelling is good regardless of the intended target audience!

scaaty porsche said...

I'm an OA (old adult) who enjoyed reading about Maisy's trip through a situation that is very difficult at ANY age. Agree w/Alexa's comment -sophisticated and funny! Recommended read. Useless aside: Every time I see the title of this book I think of Rod Stewarts "Maggie May." Am now 'singing' Maisy May. Hoping many buy this book everyone and catch my earworm. ;-)

Vicki said...

I read Maisy May a while ago and totally agree with your review. I loved both the voice and story. Raw and real.

Fireflywishes said...

Awesome review, I have seen Kramer's "Deadish" around a lot, but haven't read it yet, I will definitely have to pick this one up too, I LOVE characters with a good sense of humor.

April @ My Shelf Confessions