Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Couple Minor Changes

Addition of Amazon UK and Smashwords Links

Many have already noticed one minor change we recently made in response to reader requests. This is the addition of two additional book links on each review. We are now providing a link on all reviews to the book listing on Amazon UK for our many readers in the United Kingdom. We're also providing a link to Smashwords on reviews where the book is available from them. For those who aren't familiar with Smashwords, they offer DRM-free eBook files in a wide variety of formats. These include Kindle and Nook compatible formats as well as several others.

Change to Comment Form

Some users, including BigAl, have had problems posting comments for the last several weeks. After some investigation, we found this is a problem many blogger and blogspot blogs have been experiencing. It appears this effects only some users, depending on the security settings on the machine being used, and possibly only those blogs that use certain functionality. It also is only a problem for blogs setup to have the comment form embedded in the post. We've changed our settings to have comment entry done using a popup form and this appears to have fixed the problem. Anyone who has been frustrated by their inability to leave a comment should now be able to do so again.


Carmen Webster Buxton said...

Just testing. Worked fine. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Jeffrey Miller said...

That's great about the links to Amazon UK and Smashwords!

Keep up the good work!