Friday, July 22, 2011

Déjà Vu / Ian Hocking

Reviewed by: Corina

Genre: Technothriller

Approximate word count: 50-55,00 words


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Ian Hocking is a British writer and psychologist with an interest in experimental psycholinguistics. Déjà Vu was his first novel, which was well-received in 2005, when it was released in paperback, and it has recently been released for electronic readers. Hocking also wrote another novel with the same main character, Saskia Brandt, titled Flashback.


In the year 2023, David Proctor finds himself on the run from Saskia Brandt, European FIB operative. As he finds help from unexpected sources, Brandt is working to solve a different mystery altogether as she pursues Proctor; one that is of vital importance to her future.


Déjà Vu is a science fiction novel set in the fairly near future, and it introduces technology that I can already see myself using and keeping in my pocket. I found the mechanical wonders a lot of fun, and I think the characters are well-drawn, as one might expect from a psychologist who writes novels. There were twists and turns, surprises and character shifts. On the whole, I found this a well-crafted, interesting tale of technology and hot pursuit.

The one drawback is that I found it relatively easy to put the book down. I did come back to it until I finished it, but I can’t say I read it in one sitting, which is one of my highest accolades. Don’t let that deter you if you love technothrillers. Give it a try!

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: Four Stars ****


Dr Ian Hocking said...

Thanks for reviewing my book, Corinna. Just a quick note: This current version is not available in paperback (the paperback is the first edition, which differs somewhat).

Before I leave, is it possible to post this up to the Kindle store? No worries if not.

Best wishes

Carmen Webster Buxton said...

Ian-- if Big Al's policy is not to post to Amazon, you could ask Corinna if it is OK to quote from the review in the Product Description page where editorially written reviews are posted. You have access to that page from Author Central.