Monday, November 21, 2011

A Light to Starve By / Axel Taiari

Reviewed by: BigAl

Genre: Paranormal

Approximate word count: 8-9,000 words

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The creator and co-editor of Rotten Leaves magazine (an online literary magazine), Axel Taiari’s short fiction has appeared in many magazine and anthologies. For more, visit the author’s website.


This dark novelette imagines a time in the not too distant future when vampires and werewolves are “hunted like rabid dogs.” A vaccine, which most people have received, makes their blood poisonous. What’s a poor, starving vampire to do?

This novelette was previously published as part of Eternal Night: A Vampire Anthology.


It seems vampire tales are everywhere these days. Sometimes they are almost like “one of us” (maybe even prime boyfriend or girlfriend material), while others they’re the enemy of humans. In A Light to Starve By they are the enemy, yet it is much different because the protagonist is a vampire, setting the reader up to sympathize and root for him – not because he is, or despite him being, a vampire, but due to his human qualities. Taiari does a great job in quickly acclimating the reader to his imaginary world, and ramping up the action to the story’s conclusion.


Some adult language. Although the author grew up in Paris and I would assume English is his second language, nothing offered a clue that this was the case. His command of the language is on par with (and better than many) native English speakers.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant errors

Rating: **** Four stars

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