Monday, February 27, 2012

Bet you can’t … FIND ME / Linda S. Prather

Reviewed by: BigAl

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Approximate word count: 85-90,000 words

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A native of Kentucky, Linda Prather works as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, where she helps those with terminal illnesses control pain. She has three other books available. Two, The Gifts and its prequel, Sacred Secrets, are in her Jacody Ives Mysteries series. The third, Food to Die Smiling For, is a collection of short fiction (both short stories and flash fiction) combined with recipes.

For more, visit Prather’s website.


Psychic Catherine Mans works as a consultant for the local police department. Her ability to see and hear what others can’t has helped solve several crimes. Nine murders with connections to Catherine’s past put her at the top of the FBI’s suspect list. Then the killer starts targeting people even closer to her. Can Catherine find the killer before everyone she cares about is murdered?

Bet you can’t … FIND ME is a Red Adept Select book.


Bet you can’t … FIND ME contains mystery layered upon mystery. There are the obvious questions about the main story thread, the identity of the serial killer that is murdering people close to the protagonist, Catherine, and making it look like she is involved. For the first part of the book, Catherine is also mysterious, as her secret past slowly comes into focus to the reader, other characters, and in some ways, even to Catherine. Last, some of the major players among the supporting cast have their own little mysteries, with questions of motivation and allegiance to unravel.

Catherine is the kind of character who is easy to like. As her past is revealed, she becomes more so, as the reader gains sympathy and respect for her resilience. It appears this will be the first of a series. The other supporting characters who are obvious choices to continue in the series are complex and should enhance the story, as they did here. Sometimes the first installment of a series devotes too much time to establishing the characters and not enough on the current story. Bet you can’t … has a different problem, setting the storytelling bar so high that it will be a challenge to beat it next time out.


A small amount of adult language and mild adult situations.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: **** Four stars


Mel Comley said...

I loved Linda's new book, Bet you can't ... Find Me. Can't wait to read the next one in the Catherine Mans series.

Barbara Silkstone said...

I really enjoyed this read. Very edge-of-my-seat. :)

Jim Bronyaur said...

Currently reading this... and I love it!

MichelleReviews said...

Michelle, Red Adept Minion here. Glad it was a good read for you, Al.