Friday, June 8, 2012

A Romantic Buffet?

That's right. A romantic buffet. And it's all you can eat read for ... not many dollars. A large group of romance authors have teamed up to offer a buffet of romance books of every flavor, from inspirational to romantic suspense and even erotica, for only $0.99 each, for a limited time (6/8/2012-6/22/2012). 

This is a great chance for romance readers to fill up your Kindle, Nook, or other eReader.

In addition, they're having a giveaway with lots of prizes. Those of you who love giveaways (Linda, I'm talking to you), should run over there now and see what the prizes are.

Visit The Book Lovers Buffet for details.


Michele Drier said...

Thanks BooksAndPals for helping us get the word out. This is a fantastic buffet, and just in time for the beach, the mountians or your own backyard!

?wazithinkin said...

Thank you, Al! :)