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Red Dawn (Crossroads Academy #2) / J.J. Bonds

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Genre: Paranormal/Young Adult

Approximate word count: 55-60,000 words

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J.J. Bonds was born and raised in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where her obsession with all things paranormal keeps life interesting. By day, she is a grocery buyer for a large NE grocery retailer. At night she is an aspiring Indie author, who loves to write about vampires, intrigue, and romance. She admits she has a few guilty pleasures besides reading and writing. They include wine, chocolate, alternative music, scary movies, all things zombie, and sleeping late. Learn more about Ms. Bonds at her website.


Things at Crossroads Academy are a little different this school year; there are new handbooks with new rules, new students, and worst of all uniforms. When the formula for the cure to the blood disease, ‘otrava de sange’, is stolen and all evidence points to Shayes’ friend Dr. Phillips, who has also disappeared, Katia calls in a favor from the school’s computer whiz Blaine. With less information than they need, Katia, Nic, and Keegan (Shaye’s boyfriend) take off for New Orleans and beyond, searching for the missing life saving formula that Shaye needs.


The new fall session at Crossroads Academy starts with Katia and Shaye now sharing a dorm room. Katia has definitely gotten her snark on in this book, her dialogue is very entertaining. Katia has learned to deal with her past over the summer months and has come back stronger and more confident.

I felt more comfortable with Katia in this book; she is not holding back secrets as she did in the first book. She is head strong and dives into places she has no business being. The plot is full of adventure, intrigue and action as Katia, Nic, and Keegan, who is a mixed-blood vampire and a member of the school staff, take off half-cocked for New Orleans. Keegan seems to be familiar with the dark underbelly of New Orleans as they look for a person called The Shadow who they hear is responsible for the thief. The Shadow is a shifter, who J. J. Bonds has redefined to serve her story. I can not wait to see what she re-invents next. 

What our group of rescuers uncovers is something they never expected. I could see the foreshadowing of an uprising involving the mixed-blood vampires in future books.

I was pleased to see Katia face the one biggest fear she has in this story. It will take a while as she struggles to get a good hold on it, but she is trying. I did find it difficult to believe that the Elders Council failed with all their resources where these kids succeeded. But I believe this happened because our young vampires were more focused on clearing Dr. Phillips of this theft, despite the evidence, rather than hunting him down. This is an entertaining series that is better suited for older teens because of mildly offensive language.


Some mild language that some parents might not find suitable for younger teens.

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I found no significant errors or issues.

Rating: **** Four-stars

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