Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vote, Listen, and Vote Some More

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It’s been a long time since we’ve had one of these catchall posts that discussed several things instead of a review. We must be past due for one.

A Kind Voice on Books

This past weekend I recorded a segment for the BlogTalk Radio show called “A Kind Voice on Books.” For those who aren’t familiar with A Kind Voice, this organization runs crisis hotlines as well as having multiple associated radio shows on BlogTalk Radio. The one I did is, obviously, about books. For those who would like to listen to my segment, it will air tonight. The details are below:

BookLove, a special episode of A Kind Voice on Books, brings you recommendations for books you could fall for.  Five book blogger/reviewers will review a book they are passionate about and chat about the wider world of book blogging and writing. Our featured reviewers include:

Katie Cross of  KCross Writing

Guinevere Tomas of Twinja Book Reviews

Libertad Tomas of Twinja Book Reviews

BookLove airs Wednesday, February 12th at 7pm (EST) and will be available for download for later listening at:

2013 Indies Unlimited Excellence Awards

Over at Indies Unlimited they’re currently voting for their Excellence Awards. Books and Pals is a nominee in the Best Book Review Site category. We have our work cut out for us if we hope to make a decent showing. If you read the fine print, the winner will be decided using an arcane formula involving the number of votes (that’s where you hopefully come in), the site’s Alexa score, and something to do with a Ouija Board. The net effect is, we need a lot of votes.

Voting ends February 21st at 5 PM Pacific Time. Click here to vote.

Even if you don’t vote for us, Indies Unlimited is a site you should become familiar with if you aren’t already. It has content aimed at both indie authors and those who read them. I’m one of the many contributors there. Unfortunately that doesn’t give me any influence over who wins the awards. Since none of us have any influence over Mr Ouijia or Ms Alexa, our only chance is begging all of you for your vote.

2014 Readers’ Choice Awards

Just as we did last year, we’ll be giving out our own awards this year, waiting until the 2013 awards season has finally died down and getting a jump on the new year. We had lots of great nominees and a list of winners that, if you haven’t read them, you need to. (Look for the link on the upper right of each page of the site to see the winners and nominees from last year.) The pals and I are in the process of determining this year’s nominees. Authors of nominated books will be notified the last week of February with voting tentatively set to begin March 2nd.

And last …

Thanks to all our readers. Without you, there would be no point in doing what we do.


Laurie Boris said...

So excited! I'm listening to the show now.

Vicki said...

Just voted and Big Al's is just in front with 24%. :)

Karen Wojcik Berner said...

Great job on your interview, Al. I really enjoyed it. Congratulations!

BooksAndPals said...

Thanks Vickie. The way they're doing this, I need all the votes I can get. :)

And thanks Lauri and Karen. I've done a few radio things (both regular radio and blog talk) over the years and find that everyone else is more impressed than I am. At least if I listen to a recording afterwards. Maybe I should stop doing that. :)