Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ten Questions: The Insider’s Guide to Saving Money on Auto Insurance / John David

Reviewed by: BigAl

Genre: Non-Fiction

Approximate word count: 20-25,000 words

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John David is a licensed insurance agent who once sold more insurance than anyone else in his company for five straight quarters. He says he’s “sold thousands of car insurance policies in over 30 different states.”


A guide to understanding how to get the best price possible for auto insurance.
It should be noted that this is very specific to how this process works in the US. Although there is some variance from state to state, the areas where there is a difference are pointed out.


One difficulty with a book like this is in gauging the expertise of the author beyond taking his claims on faith. With no particular insider knowledge of my own, the best way available to me, and probably to the majority of people reading this review, is going to be whether what is presented agrees with your experience as a consumer. At least by this measure, the book seems credible to me. Of course, the ultimate guide will be whether implementing the book’s suggestions results in a savings or not and you wouldn’t have to save much to make the purchase worthwhile.

The book does use some technical terms or insurance jargon. However, the author explains most of these when first used and again in a glossary at the back. Understanding these terms should be easy enough for most people.

A potential reader is probably interested in knowing what kinds of hints the book explains. One hint, applicable to a policy with multiple drivers (maybe a husband and a wife) is that who is listed first on the policy (the “primary” insured) can make a significant difference in the amount of the premium. He explains why this is and how to determine which driver to make primary to get the best quote. Another hint explains why having a bad memory could cost you and what to do to prevent this. All in all an excellent guide for car insurance consumers.

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No significant issues

Rating: **** Four stars

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