Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Review: All of Me by Andrea Smith


Genre: Romantic Comedy


“Dirk Sexton is a thirty year old playboy with a conscience.

He wants the sex without feeling the guilt of his meaningless one night stands.

Deciding to take a chance, he finally takes the leap only to realize that he may just have chosen the wrong sister.

Autumn Dey, Dirk's newest employee at his radio station, may be Summer Dey's twin sister, but they are definitely not identical. Summer is tall and toned . . . and well Autumn isn't.

When Summer starts dating her sister's gorgeous new boss, Dirk Sexton, Autumn slides herself into the friend zone, admiring from afar.

Until, that is, Autumn's alter ego (and 900 operator "Ramona") discovers Dirk's true desires.

Will love truly conquer all?”


“Andrea Smith offers her readers a plethora of romance and suspense genres to enjoy!

From New Adult Romance, YA Suspense, M/M Romance, MMF Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Rom Com, Ms. Smith has it all. Her unexpected plot twists are just one of her signature traits; she also infuses clever humor and sprinkles of satire in her novels. Her unique style is what her readers love most. She is no one-trick pony, and promises her readers she'll never publish ’cookie-cutter‘ fiction.”


All of Me was a wonderful surprise. It’s smartly written, fun, unexpected, and humorous. The characters were realistic, witty, and well rounded. Autumn Dey is a phone sex operator who goes by Ramona and has a sexy southern drawl. She thinks her voice is her best asset and her dream job would be a radio show. Dirk Sexton is the manager of radio station WQRK, Quirk-99 in Indianapolis. He is looking for a host for Midnight Caller, a new late night call-in program. Dirk is also having a crisis of conscience about his playboy lifestyle which is complicating his personal life.

Autumn’s twin sister, Summer, took me a while to warm up to. She’s tall, thin, beautiful and full of herself. However, she plays an important role in Autumn’s life and with a surprising twist she finds herself on a growth in character journey as well. 

Dirk feels like he’s found the golden ticket with Autumn as host of Midnight Caller. The stations ratings are going up. Dirk’s phone relationship with Ramona is ongoing. He’s never used her for phone sex, only an ear to listen to his woes, sympathize, perhaps offer him advice, or give him another perspective. She has become his call-in psychiatrist. Until the day it all implodes.

The plot has a nice pace and loads of twists to muddle things up. All of Me would be a great summer vacation read or a wonderful winters day read to warm things up.

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All of Me, is a BBW (Big Beautiful Women) romantic comedy. There are sexual scenes some may not be comfortable with. I thoroughly enjoyed them. There are also several F-bombs.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant proofing issues.

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Approximate word count: 15-20,000 words

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