Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Review: Elphie Meets the End of the World by Hagit R. Oron


Genre: Children’s Picture Book


“The end of the world is coming. Today. They said so on TV!

When Elphie overhears an older boy talking about the end of the world, he runs home to find a better place to hide. Luckily, Mom and Dad are there and the three of them manage to deal with the dreadful news.:


A lifelong love-affair with books eventually led to Hagit R. Oron writing books of her own. For more, check out Ms Oron’s website.


I enlisted my granddaughter (we’ll call her LBG) who just started second grade to read Elphie Meets the End of the World to me while I looked at the pictures. LBG did a pretty decent job, struggling a bit with some of the bigger words, but between sounding them out and a bit of help from me she got all the way through. The story might be one that hits a bit close to home in these strange times, but with the help of family Elphie makes it through okay. When she was done reading I asked LBG whether she liked the story and what she thought of the pictures. Her immediate response was “I loved all of it.” As she was reading she’d point out subtle things in the pictures that she thought were important or that amused her, one example was when Elphie took a “sip” of a drink, but after just that one sip the glass was almost empty. Since that initial read LBG has borrowed my Kindle fire to re-read Elphie’s adventures. I think we can safely say we’d both recommend this book for early readers or for others to read to younger, non-reading children.

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Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 16 pages

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