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Reprise Review: Under Witch Moon (Moon Shadow Series) / Maria E. Schneider

 Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal/ Mystery/ Contemporary


Under Witch Moon is the first in an urban fantasy series: When dead bodies start turning up Adriel has no choice but to talk to White Feather, an undercover cop. Unfortunately, Adriel is a witch and White Feather isn't convinced she's innocent of wrongdoing. She's going to have to talk fast--and set spells even faster if she expects to survive.”


Maria Schneider grew up in New Mexico and currently lives near Austin, Texas with her husband.

After working in the computer industry for twelve years she now enjoys creating messes and inventing characters to find their way clear of her imaginings.

You can find several of Maria's short stories online in such fine magazines as: Coyote Wild Magazine,, and Over My Dead Body.

She writes cozy mysteries, fantasy, paranormal mysteries. Feel free to follow her on her blog.


What starts off as a small protection spell for a misdirected customer quickly mushrooms into a devious scheme involving an evil witch with much farther reaching implications than can be imagined. As the plot grows and the tendrils of the scheme are exposed, Adreil struggles to keep her head above water and her clients safe.

The storyline in this novel is much darker and complicated than I expected. Ms. Schneider has taken great care to make her plot believable and as logical as it can be to draw us into the conspiracy that makes up her story as well as the magic that Adreil spells to insure the best possible outcome. Her characters were all well developed. Lynx was a great character, it was easy to buy into his situation and Adreil’s affection for him. I also really liked White Feather and enjoyed watching his and Adreil’s relationship and respect for each other develop. I even enjoyed the Vampire and his role in the whole scheme of things. Sheila, the evil voodoo witch, was scary as hell!  *shudders* She was the epitome of nightmares.

All in all this is a unique captivating story that will make you shudder and have you cheering for witches and warlocks.

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Original review published June 14, 2014

Format/Typo Issues:

I found no significant issues with editing or formatting.

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 90-95,000 words

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Maria said...

Moon Witch Personality? Earth Magic
What does Lunar Magic do? Strengthens magic, calls it.
What does the dark moon mean spiritually? Warning of danger
What is the spiritual use of the full moon? To Listen