Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Review: The Truth of It by Beth Orsoff

 Genre: Women’s Fiction/Crime Fiction


“Grace Hughes has finally uncovered the truth behind the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter. But now that she knows the truth, she must act on it. Her conscience demands nothing less.

With the help of an unlikely ally, Grace hatches a plan to insinuate herself into the lives of her family’s killers. Her goal is simple: infiltrate their organization and gather evidence to use against them at trial. But as Grace delves deeper into the criminal world, the danger to herself and her family escalates.

As the clock ticks down, Grace must balance her desire for justice with the need to keep her loved ones safe. With heart-stopping action and emotional twists and turns, The Truth of It will keep readers on the edge of their seat until the last satisfying page.”


When Beth’s parents told her they didn’t send her to college to be a professional lifeguard, she moved to California and enrolled in USC Law School to become an entertainment lawyer. She also became a regular attendee of the UCLA Extension Writers Program workshops. She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter.

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If you’ve read the first two books in this series like I have then this is where we finally resolve a lot of the questions that have been haunting us (and yes, haunting Grace even more) since the beginning. If you haven’t read the first two books, you should before starting this one.

As for the content of the story, I don’t want to say too much specific. I will say that some things happen that don’t surprise me while others definitely do. Grace finds the answers to some of the questions she had and ultimately finds herself in a better place, but things get tense and sometimes what you wish for may not be what you ultimately need.

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Some adult language.

While there is a short prolog that will refresh the memory of what is happening in the series for those continuing from the first two books and a reader is likely to pick things up if they start with this book, I’d advise anyone to read the entire trilogy from the beginning.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 55-60,000 words

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