Saturday, October 7, 2023

Review: Spooky Walk by Melissa Bowersock


Genre: Mystery/Paranormal


“Paranormal investigators Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud are not in the market for a pet—but one finds them anyway, and it turns out to be a very special pet indeed. At the same time, they are called to a small town in Tennessee to investigate a haunted cemetery. The historical society puts on a family friendly event called Dinner with the Dead, but lately there have been some uninvited “party crashers” that are threatening to halt the events and possibly even bankrupt the historical society. Sam and Lacey only have two days to sort this out. With little information to go on, will that be enough time? Or will the specters destroy everything the historical society has built?”


“Melissa Bowersock is an eclectic, award-winning author who writes in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genres: paranormal, biography, western, action, romance, fantasy, spiritual, and satire.”

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The description and the cover of this book should preclude me from being accused of a spoiler if I say that Sam and Lacey find themselves with a new pet that fits well within their family. While a small part of the overall story and unrelated to the main story thread I suspect Spooky, their new cat, might play a bigger part in future books. Or maybe I’m wrong. (Can a review have foreshadowing about an as yet to be written book? I guess we’ll see.)

For those who have read one or more of the books in this series, what you’ve come to expect is what you’ll find again. For those who haven’t, this series is a mystery series with a strange twist. Sam Firecloud has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts, specifically people who have died, but their spirit has not yet moved on to whatever comes next, needing to resolve some unfinished business in this life before they’re able. This creates issues here in this world. (Most people don’t like ghosts hanging around doing ghostly things, right?) Sam, with his partner Lacey’s help, figure out what is preventing the ghost from moving on and help resolve that issue so that all concerned, the ghosts and those still in this realm, can be in a better place. In this story Sam is asked to help with a couple ghosts that have been trapped in limbo since the Civil War.

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This is book #39 in the Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Book series, but each book stands alone, so there is no need to have read any of the prior books in the series to understand this one.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: ***** Five Stars

Reviewed by: BigAl

Approximate word count: 25-30,000 words

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