Monday, March 23, 2015

Readers' Choice Spotlight - Short Stories and Short Story Collections

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Michael Crane

When a little girl's body is found in the woods, a once quiet town is shaken to its core as it deals with the aftermath in this short story collection.

A man desperately tries to make a living but finds it difficult when the company van scares potential customers away. A parent fails to see when being protective of her only child transforms into an unhealthy obsession. A man decides he no longer wants children after hearing about the dead little girl, but is there something else factoring into the sudden decision? And in the final story, a child shuts down almost completely and has no idea if she can go on without her best friend.

In these twelve stories connected by a terrible tragedy, grown-ups and children alike try put the pieces back together again without any easy answers.

Purple, Silver, Olive, Orange
Helen Smith

An entertaining short story set in a futuristic England, Purple, Silver, Olive, Orange is a bite-sized introduction to Helen Smith’s writing. 

Sarah wanted a sensitive, poetic, romantic boyfriend who would bring her flowers. Ryan ticks all the boxes. So why isn’t Sarah happy? 

Return to Bryn Mairwyn
Jennifer Selzer and Daniel Huber

Thousands of years ago dragons soared above the earth on powerful wings. They reigned over the sky until a cataclysmic war led by dark magic users destroyed them all… all but precious few. Those who survived had to hide among humans disguising their true identity. Unless they return to the land of their heartstone, they are destined to forsake their chance of carrying on. 

In present day England, Desmond McKenna is tired of the loneliness and isolation of his dreary existence. Will a new discovery change his mind about finally giving up, after all this time? Will the hills of Bryn Mairwyn call to his ancient soul, or will he simply fade into the fate that is mortality?

The Dark Age
Jason Gurley

On the day she was born, he left for the stars. 

He watches her grow up on screens. Misses her first words. Misses her first steps. She's never kissed his scratchy cheek, or fallen asleep on his shoulder. He's never wiped away her tears, or sung her to sleep. 

Now she's a toddler, and he's about to enter hibernation sleep -- and when he wakes nearly 150 years in the future, his family will be gone. 

This is a short story for every father who never wants his daughter to grow up.

Two and a Half Weeks
Tim W. Jackson

Caribbean dive guide Gage Hoase woos and wins a beautiful dive guest, then sends her packing. All is good until Gabi returns, with happily-ever-after on her mind. Now Gage has to figure a way to let her down gently before she offs him in his sleep. 

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