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The most recent interviews at The IndieView starting with a refresher on the different kinds of interviews. 

The IndieView

This is an interview with a standard set of open ended questions. While they focus on a specific book, they also delve into the author's history as a writer and the path they took in becoming an indie author.

The BookView

This is a shorter interview format for authors who have already done an IndieView which focuses just on their most recent book.

Reviewer IndieView

These are interviews with reviewers who have their own review blog that delve into their approach to reviewing. A great way to find other book blogs you might like to follow. (For authors, there is also an extensive database of indie friendly review sites you might like to check out.)

Allirea's Realm

By invitation only, these are quirky, often irreverent interviews done by longtime Books and Pals follower, Allirea.

(Authors and reviewers interested in doing an IndieView should visit this page for details.)

IndieView with J. Daniel Batt, author of Keaghan in the Tales of Dreamside

My son isn’t as an avid reader as the rest of the family. He often struggles to find books that would interest him at his reading level. So, my desire was to take some of the elements that are found in older fantasy works and put them in a book that was at his reading level.

IndieView with D.A. Bale, author of Running into the Darkness

With the gritty content of my current series, I’d have to say they’re more targeted to the eighteen and older crowd who like mysteries, thrillers, suspense, etc. Just remember there’s that dark edge to it.

IndieView with DC Renee, author of Let it Go

Let It Go is about a guy (Benny) who is sort of a cross between a gang banger and a more “sophisticated” gangster that is actually a really sweet guy, is loyal to his friends, and has a heart of gold.  He has a past and reason for becoming a thug, which we learn in this story ...

Reviewer IndieView with Adrean Messmer of Splatterhouse 5

I’m looking for stories and characters that stick with me. Also, books that are easy to read. Not in that they’re simplistically written, but that they draw me in and keep me going.

IndieView with J.S. Bangs, author of Storm Bride

At the level of plot and setting, I was intrigued by a recurring cycle in the history of Europe and Asia where the “civilized” people living at the edges of the Eurasian continent get overrun by barbarian nomads from the inland steppes, and then the barbarians settle down and become civilized, and then the whole cycle repeats again a few hundred years later.

Reviewer IndieView with Erin Henrikson of The Reader’s Hollow

If a book doesn’t snag Joe-Schmo right away he’ll put it back on the shelf and never buy it.

IndieView with Anne Louise Bannon, author of Fascinating Rhythm

I was listening to Fitzgerald’s recording of the Gershwin Songbook (with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra), and the tune Fascinatin’ Rhythm came on as I was pouring my cheesecake batter into the pan. I danced along to the tune as I went to put the cheesecake into the oven and half the cheesecake went flying onto the floor. As I was cleaning it all up, it occurred to me that the song was about obsession – what an interesting motive for murder. From there, the characters just started coming alive and talking to me.

IndieView with Angela V. Cook, author of Into a Million Pieces

Every time this girl kissed her boyfriend, she absorbed some of his life energy, which in turn weakened him. I had never heard of a succubus, but I loved the idea of a teenage girl who was in love, but couldn’t so much as kiss her boyfriend without harming him.

IndieView with J.B. Maynard, author of The Cautionary Tale of Butch Black

I lived the life of Butch Black, so conveying and exaggerating actual events came as little challenge. I believe that’s what makes this book so hysterical: the fact that 90% of these things actual happen to the people working in retail.

IndieView with Ashay Abbhi, author of The Inevitable

I feel the trick to writing stories is not to look elsewhere but within myself. Our lives have enough plots and subplots and complications to make great stories.

IndieView with Austin Dragon, author of Hollow Blood

Writing is a very visual thing for me. So I am equally influenced by great movies as I am by great writing. 

IndieView with Lorraine Devon Wilke, author of Hysterical Love

As for the initial idea: many years back, one of my brothers shared an interesting tale with me of a man who found an old story of his father’s about a woman who seemed to be the “one that got away.” This fellow was so intrigued by the idea of this mysterious woman from his father’s past (whose name and location were mentioned in the story), that he got her number via 411 and called her.

IndieView with Evangeline Jennings, author of Riding in Cars with Girls

Music is a huge part of my life. And there are myriad musical references in my work – most of which are too obscure for most readers to notice, I’ve dropped several during this interview. But when I am actually writing, I need silence.

IndieView with Tahlia Newland, author of Words within Worlds

Author and editor Prunella Smith inhabits a multilayered reality. Physically, she lives in the Australian bush with her crazy cat Merlin. In her work world, she edits the love story of Kelee, a Magan Lord’s daughter, and in the cyber-world of social media, she’s subjected to slanderous attacks by a disgruntled author.

IndieView with Anne Louise O’Connell, author of Deep Deceit

When Celeste Parker’s daughter Tamara goes missing in Dubai the all-out search and rescue mission she anticipates never materializes. She is put off by the police as 18-year-old Tamara is technically an adult, and no foul play is apparent. Celeste faces the gut-wrenching fear every mother dreads… the possibility of losing a child.

IndieView with Katrina Monroe, author of Sacrificial Lamb Cake

All she wants is to get through the day with her apartment and relationship intact. Then, someone who calls himself Jude claims that she is the Messiah and it’s time for the whole Second Coming thing.

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