Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Princess, the Pea, and the Night of Passion / Rosetta Bloom

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Genre: Erotic Romance / Fairy Tale

Approximate word count: 14-15,000 words

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Rosetta Bloom is a pen name for a thriller writer whose desire is to tell great stories filled with romance and passion. She loves adding a sexy twist of passion to give old tales new life. Her first endeavor is The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion.

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“In this grown-up version of the famous fairy tale, Princess Adara is running from her old life and a forced betrothal. Adara wants love and passion, but knows she can't get them back home. When a raging storm halts her escape, Adara seeks refuge in the first dwelling she sees.

Prince Richard is tired of the trite, vain, frigid princesses his mother introduces him to in hopes he'll marry. On this stormy night, he's in the mood to love a woman, but he's all alone.

Adara arrives on the castle doorstep, saying she's a princess in need of help. The queen is doubtful and decides to lock Adara in a room with a pea to determine if the girl is as royal as she claims. Richard believes the beautiful, charming stranger, but he wants her locked in a bedroom for other reasons.”


I have to admit I was just after a little guilty pleasure when I finished my last book. My brain needed a reset. So I chose this little fairy tale. I was absolutely delighted and impressed with the quality of this story. I was just expecting a spicy little fairy tale without much substance. That is not what I got.

Amira Adara Tafweek, daughter of the amir of Bastalia and her servant, Nasiha, are on the run and seeking shelter from the freezing rain one night. They are dressed as peasants when they knock on the castle kitchen door to ask for shelter from the night’s elements. The butler tries to turn them away, but when Prince Richard walks in and sees Adara he senses an opportunity for a little action. He insists the butler ready guest rooms for the wayward travelers. Here are the first two sentences of the story:

Prince Richard was feeling randy. He was trapped in the castle tonight, as the weather outside had turned unexpectedly nasty.”

This quote gives you the impression that the prince is just a playboy without any substance. At dinner that evening with the King, Queen, and Prince Richard things went well as Adara lied about being on a diplomatic mission for her father when their carriage broke down. After the carriage roof collapsed from the rain and ice they sought shelter. The men had supposedly gone for assistance. The Queen suspects that Adara is lying about being royalty and offers to send a messenger into town to let her delegation know that their Amira is safe and sound at the castle. This is the last thing Adara wants while trying to escape her fate back home. She and Nassi could both be put to death for embarrassing her father if they find her.

The Queen is sly and has the butler lock Adara in her room that night. Adara is sure her fate is sealed since there is no chance for escape now. Of course Prince Richard knows all the secret passage ways and lets himself into her room. They share a torrid night of passion that will curl your toes. Here we start seeing glimpses of the true Richard. He comes up with a plan to save Adara and Nassi that blew me away. You are sure to enjoy this retelling of a classic fairy tale. I look forward to reading more Passion-Filled Fairy Tales from Rosetta Bloom.


The Princess, the Pea and the Night of Passion is Book 1 of Passion-Filled Fairy Tales. Book 2 of Passion-Filled Fairy Tales- Beauty and Her Beastly Love, is published and waiting for you to purchase at Amazon.

Sexual scenes that are graphic and may not be suitable for all readers. 

Format/Typo Issues:

No issues with formatting or proofing.

Rating: ***** Five stars


Unknown said...

Ha, I read this awhile ago too. It is a little naughty but funny.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review!

?wazithinkin said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Dale Furse. I really enjoyed the naughty bits and the whole story. :D

?wazithinkin said...

You're welcome, Ms. Bloom. Thanks for dropping in and commenting. It was a fun read.