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Review: Windmaster Legacy (The Windmaster Novels Book 2) by Helen Henderson

Genre:  Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery


“Newly handfasted to the dark-haired archmage Lord Dal, Ellspeth and her husband escort his mother on a final journey to her ancestral lands. Their plans change when mercenaries under the control of a rogue mage attack. Dal's mother is severely wounded and Ellspeth is captured. Her sole hope for escape is Nobyn, an untrained wizard going through the throes of awakening magic. However, Nobyn is Bashim's apprentice and under the mage's total control.

Dal must make an impossible decision whether to rescue his wife, cure his mother, or thwart Bashim's plans. More than who lives or dies is at stake. He might be able to live with his responsibility for the death of a loved one, but could he survive killing the future of magic.”


Helen B. Henderson writes about herself, “Although I wrote fiction for myself as long as I can remember, and been a professional writer for many years, pursuing publication for my fiction is a more recent endeavor… My writing crosses genres and types, from fiction to historical documentaries. I'm especially proud of the two romantic fantasy series, the Dragshi Chronicles and the Windmaster novels. Originally conceived as short stories, the characters came to life for me and my readers. I hope they will for you also.”

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Windmaster Legacy begins with a fair bit of drama around Ellspeth. If you haven’t read book 1, Windmaster, this will give you a clear picture of Ellspeth’s character. She is a strong, well-balanced woman who lives a bit too much in her head. However, she has also turned this into a strength by weighing and balancing the situations around her before she reacts.

Lord Dal, an ex-mercenary, who has gained the position of Archmage over all territories, is about to become handfasted to Ellspeth, a sea captain in her own right. It’s been said for all time that magic and the sea don’t mix. Lord Dal and Ellspeth are taking on the challenge to put that misconception to rest.

Their mutual friend King Fraunces of the Second Kingdom has commissioned them to imbue his new ship Windmaster with all modes of magical protection. On Windmaster’s maiden voyage Dal and Ellspeth have a two-fold mission. To escort Dal’s mother, Eilidh, on her final journey back to her ancestral lands, and secondly to bring back a special passenger on behest of the King. It’s all smooth sailing at sea, however, once they are on solid land again, things slowly start falling apart.

When Ellspeth is captured by an evil mage with visions of grandeur, he blocks Dal’s and Ellspeth’s ethereal connection using black magic. During the abduction Dal’s mother is severely injured. It’s all Barris, Dal’s young apprentice mage, can do to keep Eilidh alive until Dal arrives. Once Eilidh is stable, Dal leaves her in Barris’s reliable hands. He’s a smart young man who thinks outside the box, he refuses to let Lord Dal down so he perseveres above and beyond to figure out why Eilidh keeps relapsing.  

So now the race is on to try to find Ellspeth. The Fàlaire, magical beasts that look like huge horses play a large part in this book. We get to know several of them by name. The storyline is a rollercoaster of plot twists as no one is in any one place for very long. Dal is all over the countryside always two steps behind the demented mage and his minions. Ellspeth can do nothing with iron manacles on her hands and feet which allow little movement. She must gain Nobyn’s, Bashim's apprentice mage,  to help them both escape Bashim’s control, and then hope beyond all hope that Dal is able to locate them before Bashim catches up with them.

I love this series! The characters come to life and jump into your heart. Except for Bashim. You’ll want to see him burn in the pits of hellfire.

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Windmaster Legacy is book 2 in Ms. Henderson’s The Windmaster Novels, following Windmaster.

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Rating: ***** Five Stars

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Approximate word count: 90-95,000 words

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