Thursday, March 1, 2012

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

Winning may not be the only thing, regardless of what Coach Lombardi said, but it is the only thing we're talking about today. I'll start with a short history lesson, then tell you how you might be able to win a $200 Amazon gift certificate.

Many of you are familiar with Red Adept Reviews, one of the first review sites to specialize in reviewing books for the Kindle, with an emphasis on Indie authors. From her extensive reading of books by Indie authors, founder Lynn O'Dell recognized many of the books she read were falling short of their potential due to a lack of adequate editing, so she began offering editing services. 

Recently Lynn and her staff have selected the best of the books they've edited and designated them as "Red Adept Selects." This is a designation that can't be purchased and (if my quick estimate is accurate) has been given to less than one in five of the books edited by the Red Adept Editing staff.

While you'll find reviews of most of the Red Adept Selects somewhere on Books and Pals, today's post is to let you know about the contest in conjunction with the official launch of the Red Adept Select website. There are many prizes including a grand prize of a $200 Amazon gift certificate.

Entry details can be found on the Red Adept Launch Contest page. While you're there look around the site.

Don't forget to come back and read our reviews on any of the Red Adept Select books that strike your fancy.

Bet you can't ... FIND ME by Linda Prather

Dead is the New Black by Christine DeMaio-Rice

Half Past Midnight by Jeff Brackett

Hang On by Nell Gavin

Initiation by Imogen Rose (also the subject of our first author interview.)

When Horses Had Wings by Diana Estill

Coming soon ... a review of Bays End by Edward Lorn

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