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Broken Wings / Henning Brazer

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Genre: Crime Thriller/ Detective/ Serial

Approximate word count: 10-15,000 words

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Henning Brazer is the author of Bloodhound (Dixie Bannerman Series) and the children’s book Darrel and the Moon Balloon. He is also the illustrator and writer of digital comic books like Brave New World and Macabre Squad. Check out his website for these interesting nuggets. 


Broken Wings is the sequel to the thriller Bloodhound, featuring Dixie Bannerman, a detective with a super sense of smell. In this book he attempts  solving the murder of his friend Gus Bridle.


I picked this novelette to review because I read Bloodhound back in February of 2011 and I enjoyed the quirky character of Dixie Bannerman. He was original, intriguing, and a likable guy. However, so many monstrously terrible things have happened to the people around him, who he cared for, that he has turned cynical, hateful and arrogant. I can not fault him for being cynical, but I was left without the likable guy I knew before.

New villains are introduced in this addition to the Dixie Bannerman Series, although The Beast is still out there watching and waiting for his perfect time to strike again. While Dixie is investigating a new pair of serial killers that are terrorizing London, Tracy Ray, an investigative reporter, is on her own mission to track down The Beast. The villains were all fully developed with their own apathetic goals. Both storylines move at a nice pace with a few interesting plot twists that will allow the story to continue.

I think this could be a promising series for those who enjoy thriller detective stories. I also think it deserves another round of editing to polish up some simple editing errors.


This book contains adult language, graphic images, and situations that may be offensive to some.

Although Mr. Brazer begins with a “What’s Happened Before” and a “Who’s Who” I believe it is best to start with Bloodhound to get a better feel for the characters as the series builds upon itself. This book contains British spelling and a couple of acronyms I had to look up.

Format/Typo Issues:

There are a small number of editing errors ranging from wrong words caused by extra, missing, or jumbled letters (her/here, no/not, and Mary/Myra), wrong verb tenses, or strangely worded sentences that may be British-isms. 

Rating: *** Three stars

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