Saturday, June 7, 2014

Blueblood / Matthew Iden

Reviewed by: BigAl

Genre: Mystery/Police Procedural

Approximate word count: 65-70,000 words

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Matthew Iden has published several novels in multiple genres. The first book in his Marty Singer Mystery series was a nominee in the 2014 BigAl’s Books and Pals Readers’ Choice awards. A globe trotter who has traveled almost pole to pole (Iceland to Antarctia), Iden currently makes his home in Virginia.

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“Four unrelated murders. Nothing special in Washington DC. Not even good enough to make the evening news. But then a concerned police lieutenant approaches retired homicide detective Marty Singer with a simple fact that changes everything.

They were all cops.”


For being retired, Marty Singer is sure staying busy. With his Marty Singer character, Matthew Iden has a detective that will appeal to police procedural fans but  is more complex than most in this genre. By virtue of being retired and his investigations being unofficial or off the books, Iden has a bit more leeway in what Singer can get away with while remaining credible. That his cases are not just doing his job seems to draw me in, getting me more invested in Marty’s cases, too.

As with the first of this series, I found this installment to be well written with a gripping plot, plenty of tension, and lots of mystery. Sometimes there was even a touch of humor, as in these lines:

I hung back to make room for a trio of twenty-something girls to pass, their eyes glittering with the prospect of shopping. It was never a good idea to get between a predator and her prey.

Blueblood should appeal to fans of police procedurals and anyone who likes a good mystery.


Although the second book in the series and having read the first book gives some history and backstory that adds to the enjoyment of reading this book, Blueblood could be read as a standalone.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: ***** Five Stars


nrlymrtl said...

I enjoyed the first book in this series. Glad to hear that the second continues in the same quality.

Anonymous said...

Al –

Thank you so much for the kind words!

For fans of Big Al’s, I thought you might want to know that A Reason to Live, the book that precedes Blueblood in the Marty Singer series, is permanently free on all reading platforms.

Al said it would be okay to post the links here, but check out his great review first...he has some great things to say about the first book in the series!

A Reason to Live - free
Amazon US

Amazon UK



Lovers of audiobooks might also like to know that Blueblood is available in audio at Amazon.

Thanks and read well!
Matt Iden