Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Red Robin Hood/ Emily & Amanda Bradburn

Reviewed by: Michael Thal

Genre: Folk Tales/Myths/Middle Grade

Approximate word count: 5-6,000 words

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At 19, Emily Bradburn knows what excites little boys. Her first co-authored book is filled with the fantasy boys crave. She is also experimenting with sci-fi, mystery/thrillers, and historical fiction. When she’s not writing, Emily rides and trains horses.

Emily’s cousin, Amanda Bradburn enjoys writing Christian Fantasy. She first started writing at the age of seven. Her first novel, Keepers of Elenath, was published in 2009.


Robin Hood is a 12-year-old thief sponsored by “Grandma” who plans the crimes. Once the band of 10-12 year old thieves has the contraband, one of them needs to take the goods to Grandma’s house wearing a girl’s red riding hood. To Robin Hood, this is a fate worse than death.

This time, it’s Robin’s turn to make the drop-off. Begrudgingly, Robin dons the flower-scented girl wear and heads off to see Grandma. Along the path in Sherwood Forest he is stopped by the Sheriff of Noddinhead, the chief of a pack of no good Wolves.


The Bradburn cousin writing team spins a fun yarn for 8-12 year old boys that will keep them turning pages. The short story is part Grimm’s Fairy Tale, part English folklore, with a touch of Dicken’s Oliver Twist.

This more mature reader felt that the setting could have been shown better from the start to bring the reader into the story faster. 
Throughout the plot there were clever references to the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood and the English Robin Hood folktale; a gimmick that is sure to bring readers back for more of Robin’s future adventures.

Though the humor in the story kept this reader smiling, greater plot development, motivation for the crimes, and tension should be included in future episodes.

Format/Typo Issues:

No significant issues.

Rating: *** Three stars

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