Sunday, November 2, 2014

Heart River Inn / Jocie McKade

Reviewed by: ?wazithinkin

Genre: Romance/ Contemporary/ Women’s Lit

Approximate word count: 35-40,000 words

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“Jocie McKade has been a freelance writer for a number a years. Her work has appeared in numerous national, local, and online publications.
She lives with her family in the Midwest on a small farm where ArnoldSwartzaweeds grow with impunity in her garden.”

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“A mysterious photograph, lethal swans, gushy beds and a kitschy lovers resort in the Pocono Mountains. Can you say single woman in hell?”


Lexi Sheridan is a writer for New York Insights magazine, she longs to be a hard-hitting journalist and thinks she might have discovered a story that could be her big break. She has uncovered a picture dated 1968 with the caption “our honeymoon” taken at the Heart River Inn of a young Patricia Barrington, a wealthy socialite, with an anonymous man who is not her husband. When Lexie arrives at the Heart River Inn she is convinced that the current owner, Maxwell Bernard, is indeed the mystery man in the picture. Now she just needs to work up her nerve to confront Max and get the exposé from him that will skyrocket her career.   

Heart River Inn is situated in the infamous Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. It is a lover’s retreat that Max has poured his heart and soul into creating. A special romantic getaway for many new and returning customers who happen to find their way to the Inn just when they need it the most. The Inn was full of quirky couples who were well developed and fun to get to know. As Lexi learns each of their stories she struggles with the implications that her exposé could ruin this seemingly magical place and Max in the process.

I came across a number of proofing issues in the copy I read. There were enough I felt compelled to take away a star. Missing and/or extra words jumbled a few sentences which threw me out of the story. Otherwise the plot moved at a nice pace and Lexi managed to meet her own potential Mr. Right, which complicated her dilemma even further. If she doesn’t get her story she will lose her job and her dreams of becoming a “real reporter” will be shattered. This was a fun heartfelt story that will tickle your funny bone and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. I did enjoy this story and hope Ms. McKade addresses the proofing issues I encountered.

Format/Typo Issues:

This book borders on the range of significant proofing issues with missing or extra words and a recurring problem with then/than confusion.

Rating: *** Three stars

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Jocie McKade said...

Thank you for the review and making me aware of the issues with the formatting and editing. Those issues have been addressed and corrected.