Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Readers' Choice Spotlight - Children/Middle Grade

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Kid Nitro and the Sinister Slorp
Rusty Sherill

In a twinkling, a point of light streaked overhead and disappeared behind the trees. A terrific explosion ensued, which Kid Nitro felt as much as heard. The ground quaked and a hot wind ruffled his hair.

The self-proclaimed superhero grabbed his walkie-talkie and spoke breathlessly into it. “We have a UFO sighting on Hillcrest Lane, near the old Murphy place. I’m proceeding to the site to make first contact.” Kid Nitro holstered his walkie-talkie without waiting for a reply. He knew no one was on the other end. The companion walkie-talkie was in his toy box at home.

Kid Nitro wasn’t sure he’d seen a spaceship, but a UFO is simply an Unidentified Flying Object, and whether this one was a meteor or a misguided USAF cruise missile or even an intergalactic dictionary salesman, he would be the first on the scene to identify it.

At the point of impact, dust still hung thick in the air. Something moved through the haze. “This must be it – my first alien encounter!” His heart thumping quickly, Kid Nitro forced himself to remain calm as he walked slowly forward to greet the strange alien, hoping it was not visiting Earth in search of a kid-sized snack. As he drew closer to the hunched figure, his worst fears were realized. This monster was fouler, more despicable, and far more dangerous than any space alien imaginable.

The adventure begins…

Lionel and the Golden Rule
Paul R Hewlett

Lionel is sick of his brother picking on him and of his mother yelling at him. One day, while cleaning the closet his mother has been after him about, he discovers not only boxes and old clothes, but a lucky charm with more magic than he bargained for. After an unusual encounter with his brother, Lionel knows things are about to change for the better. 

Together, Lionel and his lucky charm are able to stand up to his big brother as well as make Carrie—the cutest girl in his class—notice him. While learning the quirks of his magical charm, Lionel ends up at a casino in Las Vegas, escapes an evil dog, becoming a hero to the other kids, and finds himself playing in the Great Series with his favorite professional baseball team. Will Lionel master the trickster, over-the-top magic, or will it mess things up beyond repair? 

The Hunt for the Well Hidden Treasure
Bob Sheard and Timothy Taylor

In 1820 a notorious Spanish pirate was caught in a fierce battle along the California coastline, narrowly escaping into the foothills with a priceless treasure. Now, almost 200 years later, the legendary pirate’s skeletal remains are discovered in the quiet coastal town of Knightsbridge, California, along with a tantalizing clue to the treasure’s whereabouts. As news of the discovery spreads, the town is swamped with thousands of amateur treasure seekers as well as Treasure Finders Incorporated, a powerful organization with an impressive track record of discoveries.

When classmates Will, Mikey, Susan, and Evelyn learn of the discovery, they are unable to resist the urge to join in the hunt. With Will's knowledge of the outdoors, Mikey's electronics expertise, Susan's computer wizardry, and Evelyn's photography skills, they are certain they can unravel the pirate's secret. Facing long odds, the seventh-graders embark on an adventure of a lifetime, discovering that the mystery deepens as they desperately hunt for clues, decipher historical landmarks, and match wits with their ruthless competitors.

The Mysterious Case of the Golden Egg
Ernie Lindsey

The sudden and unexpected arrival of a mysterious package interrupts Hat Tintersmoot's twelfth birthday. Where did it come from? Who left it? Once she discovers that the small cardboard box is a gift from her Grandpa Gordon, the mystery deepens...considering the fact that he passed on three years ago.

It's another perfect job for the owner of The Marshmallow Hammer Detective Agency. With the help of a new best friend, and her first official employee, Hat must uncover the truth behind five difficult clues in order to find the answer to the greatest secret ever.

The Mysterious Case of the Golden Egg is a heartwarming middle grade mystery, from a USA Today bestselling author, full of riddles, puzzles, and thoughtful messages about life, love, and happiness.

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