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Reprise Review: Keep Me Ghosted by Karen Cantwell

Genre: Humor/Paranormal Romance/Ghosts


“Desperate to pay the bills, 29-year-old Sophie ignores the advice of her stuffy spirit-friend, Marmaduke Dodsworth, and takes a job with the handsome Dr. Callahan, an optometrist with a desperate situation of his own. The good doctor's problem? He has a spirit-friend as well: one with a fiery crush and a vicious jealous streak. When chemistry starts to brew between Sophie and Dr. Callahan, his green-eyed ghost wreaks some bad-tempered havoc, scaring away his patients and putting Sophie on edge. Will Sophie give up the ghost and quit the new job, or buck up and find a way to rid Dr. Callahan of his pesky specter, freeing their romance to find a life of its own?”


In another life, before Karen Cantwell started writing full time, she had a different, very rewarding job – a vision therapist. She decided to give her male romantic hero a profession that was more specific than just, a lawyer, or a doctor, or a coffee shop barista. They say write what you know, and one thing she knew very well, was vision therapy. Her own husband is an optometrist in this specialized field, and the reason why she became a vision therapist, herself. Hence, the decision was made, Cal Callahan would be a developmental optometrist – an eye doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating patients (by and large, children) with Learning-related Vision Disorders.

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I have read several of Ms. Cantwell’s books, the Barbara Marr Murder Mystery series is one of my favorites. When I heard she was writing a ghost story I was pleased to see her branching out into the paranormal; one of my favorite genres. She has an easy-going style to her writing that makes it a pleasure to read.

I dearly loved Marmaduke. He is such an English gentleman, and I think the author pulled off his verbose English dialect quite well. I found Sophie and Marmaduke’s dialogue thoroughly entertaining and I loved their relationship. I was glad to learn he is sticking around for a few more books. The chemistry between the reserved Dr. Callahan and Sophie was charming and natural. The story setting and characters are unique which set up the book to be an interesting and educational read. As with all of Ms. Cantwell’s writing there is a mystery to unravel with unexpected twists in the plot. The humor flows well and is not over-the-top or slapstick. I was also pleased that Sophie is a fully-fledged character in her own right; she is not a rewritten Barbara Marr, but I like her just as well. This is a light, fun, quick read that leaves you feeling satisfied in the end.

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I think this book will teach us all to stay away from internet magic spells. Keep Me Ghosted is book 1 in the Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance series.

Added for Reprise Review: Keep Me Ghosted by Karen Cantwell was a nominee in the Paranormal Romance category for B&P 2014 Readers' Choice Awards. Original review ran May 1, 2013

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Rating: ***** Five Stars

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